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Athens: group of people attack offices of debt collecting agency belonging to family of ex parliament speaker

A group of some 15-20 people dressed in black and wearing masks attacked  the offices of a debt collecting agency that belongs to the sons of former Greek Parliament speaker and ex minister Dimitris Sioufas.

Greek media report that the group of people attacked the offices with crowbars and smashed doors and windows, causing material damage. Claims a security guard was injured are not confirmed so far. The attackers have reportedly thrown leaflets saying “You drink the people’s blood”.

The attackers fled, while the police investigates.

Εισβολή 20 `μαυροντυμένων` στα γραφεία των γιων του πρώην υπουργού Σιούφα - Τα έσπασαν όλα με πέτρες και ξύλα

more picts in newsit.gr and zougla.gr

The offices of law company “Sioufas & Partners” in Tavros suburb of south Athens are claimed to be champions in debt collection, foreclosures, payment orders and custody procedures due to outstanding debts. The company was recently in the focus of many media reports, especially due to its ownership.

According to Proto Thema, the company has 500 lawyer associates and the office building of 8,000 square meters resembles a security castle. The annually earnings are estimated to be millions of euros in times of austerity, recession and mountains of debts.

Former minister and Parliament speaker Dimitris Sioufas, a lawyer, a member of Nea Dimocratia, left an industry to his children Giorgos and Marios. A legal industry that does the “dirty” job for the banks and various public and private institutions left with the debts of their customers. The company collects some of the debts by putting pressure, issues orders for payment, mortgage, foreclosure and auctions.

Proto Thema reports that it was before the economic crisis, when Sioufas was Development Minister, when one of his sons, a lawyer too, had the idea to deal with the bad customers of the banks.

Within a few years the company has swept almost 90% of the entire market of ‘red’ loans making today turnover of several million, but also million of annual profits. (Full Article “The piranhas of foreclosures” in Greek here)

I saw recently a relevant report in private Alpha TV. The reporter had tried to get comments by the former colleagues of Dimitris Sioufas, but no one was willing to make a comment.



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