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Unemployment in Greece gallops as usual: 27.4% in Sept 2013

Each and every month unemployment in Greece breaks a new record. According to Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT), the general unemployment reached 27.4% in September while the rate for youth unemployment was 51.9%. In September 2012 unemployment was at 26%.

In real life numbers these rates mean that 1,376,463 people are without job and income. At the same time, one in two young employees 15-24 years old have no job.

Unemployment rates according to age groups:

15-24 at 51.9%

25-34 at 36.8% (most productive age group)

35-44 at 24.4%

45-54 at 20.3%

55-64 at 15.1%

65-71 at 9%

Regions with the highest unemployment are Macedonia-Thrace, Epirus-West Macedonia and Attica.

The unemployment rates refer only to employees and not to self-employed.

*Joke* Joke* Joke*

-How about your kids?

-Can’t complain! My daughter is a teacher, one son is lawyer, another one is doctor. The fourth son is thief.

-What? And you let the thief live at your home?

-Certainly! He is the only one bringing money in. The rest is unemployed.


PS The lowering of the minimum wage two years ago did not help Greece to be either competitive or a much praised “paradise for investors”. Obviously.

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