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What vote percentage could give SYRIZA a majority government?

The win of left-wing SYRIZA seems to be a fact as it secures its lead towards Nea Dimokratia with more of 4% according to latest polls. But what percentage will SYRIZA need to form a majority government with 151 seats in a Parliament of 300 and avoid to have to …

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Greece elections 2014: Winners and Losers

By 98% of the polling stations counted, the results form the voting for the European Parliament are:     SYRIZA 26.58% – 6 MEPS (Glezos, Sakorafa, Papadimoulis, Kouneva, Katroygalos, Chrysogonos) ND           22.74%  –  5 MEPS (Kefaloyiannis, Spyraki, Zagorakis, Vozenberg, Kyrtsos) GOLDEN DAWN 9.39%  – 3 MEPS (Synadinos, Fountoulis, Epitideios) ELIA/PASOK …

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Unemployment in Greece gallops as usual: 27.4% in Sept 2013

Each and every month unemployment in Greece breaks a new record. According to Greek Statistics Authority (ELSTAT), the general unemployment reached 27.4% in September while the rate for youth unemployment was 51.9%. In September 2012 unemployment was at 26%. In real life numbers these rates mean that 1,376,463 people are …

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“My father committed suicide, Mr Samara…”: suicides in Greece rose 43% due to economic crisis

When did the economic crisis begin, how many people took their lives due to burdens and loads and loan they could not deal with? Suicides rose 43% between 2011 and 2007, which was the last year before the start of the economic crisis in Greece. The suicides rate between 2010 …

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Greece’s unemployment still breaks one record after the other – March 2013 rates

I love Greek statistics. Honestly. They pose a challenge to any math-dude and long-memory impaired person. Every month unemployment hits a new record but every month the new unemployment rate is lower than the rate of the previous month. How comes? Oh, the rates of the previous months are revised …

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