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Greek measures against winter smog: either cook & freeze or heat & get hungry

“All electrical devices should be turned off, should consumers use air-conditioners for heating.” This advice is been given to Greeks in the context of measures against the air pollution (smog) and thus during the days the smog hits alarming levels. The measure “A/C on, all electric devices off” aims to avoid the risk of power blackouts in local networks during the days in question.

According to private  Skai TV, the recommendations has been issued by the power transmission company.

In simple words, the recommendation says:

do not cook, wash your clothes, heat water for a bath, do vacuum cleaning, watch television, play video games, or do in general daily activities that need electricity, when you want to heat your home.

Instead, the recommendation says:

do sit on your comfort chair and read a book, darn a sock, solve a crossword, hug your pet or kiss your partner.

It is not clear, whether consumers should be allowed to turn on the lights at night.

Please, do not seek any logical explanation as to why this measure is not applied in summer and thus during the heat waves when A/Cs work in full power.

There are no logical explanations in the surreal Greek world we live nowadays.

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