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Greek gov’t relief measures: €600 for homes damaged by Kefalonia earthquake

Greek government announced a series of emergency measures to meet basic needs of residents of Kefalonia, hit by a powerful earthquake on Sunday.

To start with, the government will disburse directly 100,000 euro to the municipality of Kefalonia and another 100,000 euro to municipality of Ithaki in order to cover basic needs of those affected.

“Αυτοψία” του στη σεισμόπληκτη Κεφαλονιά

this home need 598,90 euro to be repaired

More relief measures

600 euro will be given to residents whose homes have been damaged by the earthquake. The money will be used for home repairs. Residents will need to fill only a form to receive the money. Controls will be conducted later.

200 blankets will be sent to the area.

3-month suspension of paying social security contributions – affects residents of Kefalonia & Itkaki

3-month extension on filling and submitting income declarations

Extension for payments of confirmed outstanding debts to tax office.

1-month cancellation of €5-entrance fee to hospitals in Argostoli and Lixouri. (source and source)

These damages need 599,99 euro for repair.

A local lawyer dared to claim that these ‘relief measures’ were “not enough even to buy aspirins.”

These shop windows need 597.76 euro to be repaired.

PS I suppose after these generous relief measures, residents of Kefalonia and Ithaki will live happily ever after.

This roof needs 589,90 euro for repair.

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