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Prosecutor calls IKA chief with felony charges

Corruption prosecutors filled felony charges against Rovertos Spyropoulos, the chief administrator of Greece biggest social security fund IKA. According to Greek media, Spyropoulos allegedly helped a big supermarket chain to avoid paying 18,000,000 euro debts to IKA. Prosecutors accuse Spyropoulos of corruption and breach of trust against the Greek state.

According to To Vima:

“Rovertos Spyropoulos allegedly gave twice instructions for the lifting of  the confiscation order for the bank accounts of the representative of a supermarket chain in Northern Greece.  The result was that while the company owes 18,250,000 euro to IKA, the money was lost and caused harm to the social security fund. The case was brought to justice after a complaint to corruption prosecutors.

In his written plead to the prosecutors, Spyropoulos argued that he requested the temporary lift so that the company would settle outstanding debts, make payments to the staff and hinder the loss of thousands of jobs, otherwise the company would close down. IKA chief argued that his action was legal.

However prosecutors’ investigation allegedly found out that the big amounts of money did not ended up in the employees’ payroll.”

Economic news portal names the supermarket chain as the “Arvanitidis company”, brings more detail about the case and notes that the local IKA director had initially refused to follow the first instruction of Spyropoulos.

Rovertos Spyropoulos has been a loyal member of PASOK.

PS my cat asked why the IKA chief did not write off her kitten-tiny debt of  €100. I explained to her, that she was never member of PASOK, neither had she ever  any direct or indirect relations with anyone in the power centers of this country.

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