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Are you eligible for the “social dividend” from primary surplus?

One million people are going to see several hundred euro in their pockets as of May 9th 2014. Greek media report of an agreement between the Greek finance ministry and Samaras junior coalition partner PASOK on the categories and the social dividend amount that will be distributed from the primary surplus of 2013.

Beneficiaries are low pensioners, low-incomers, long time jobless, self-employed who have interrupted their work and seniors over 65 years old.

The criteria are pure income criteria and are based on the tax declarations submitted in 2013 for the income of 2012.

The social dividend is set at 500 euro and will be paid once as a lump sum.

Social dividend lump sum for

singles: 500 euro

married couples: 666 euro

families with one child: 750 euro

families with two children: 833 euro (and 83.3% increase for each additional child)

Income criteria are set

for singles: up to €6,000 annual income and real estate objective worth 100K-125K euro

for couples: up to €8,000 annual income and real estate worth 200K-250K euro

for 3-member families: up to €9,000 annual income

for 4-member families up to €10,000 annual income (increasing at €1,000 for each additional child).

long-term unemployed who were registered at Employment Agency OAED in March 2014 and they can prove they income was zero. OK, we need some clarification here...

The income criteria refer to real and deemed income criteria.

Beneficiaries will receive their share after electronically submitting their application and thorough examination by the General Secretariat of Public Revenues.

But do not hurry up! The final decision is still to be published.

The social dividends are expected to be paid by May 9th 2014.

The Finance Ministry reportedly continues its checks to find out who has made false tax declarations, otherwise it will give social dividend to those who are not in need of it.

It looks only the very very poor will enjoy the few drops of euro rain.

PS “deemed income”criteria? Odd.. then each adult is considered to spend 3,000 euro to cover living expenses even if the real income is <zero> and the person manage to survive with money borrowed by family and friends.

euro rain

if you’re miserable start adding together how much you gave to tax office through taxes, fees, levies etc in order to get back 500 euro. :p




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