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Santorini: Seven injured by Easter firecrackers, one US-woman serioulsy injured (video)

An American woman is being hospitalized at the intensive care unit of Venizelion Hospital in Heraklio, Crete,  while her husband, another US-citizen and a Greek are being treated for burn injuries. The three US-citizens, two Cypriots and two Greeks were injured on Saturday night in Santorini, when a makeshift firecracker exploded in the middle of the crowd attending the Resurrection procession.

The American tourist, 51, was seriously injured in the abdominal area and underwent surgery.Her husband, 55,  another American woman, 53, and a Greek man, 50, suffered burning injuries mainly in the legs. The four were trasnferred to Heraklion, Crete, with a private airplane, Greek media report.

The slightly injured – a Greek man, 23, a man and a woman from Cyprus, 24 and 27 – were treated in the Health Center of Santorini and and were later released.

The incident occurred around midnight in the yard of the Panagia toy Akathistoy Ymnoy Church.

Chris Presmyk, the husband of the seriously injured woman, told private Alpha TV ” We had hardly walked two steps, when we heard a loud explosion behind us. The moment I turned around, another firecracker exploded. I didn’t see it but it must have exploded in front of our feet. They threw the firecrackers in the middle of the crowd, our friends fell on the ground.”

The mother of the injured Greek told also Alpha TV that the pants of her son had got fire and that he was injured in the legs and eyes.

Video: Firecrackers in Santorini, Chris Presmyk, Hospital doctor, Presmyks’ daughter Facebook post.

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On Sunday morning, Greek police arrested three young Greeks alleged responsible for the firecracker. A police search in their homes found several firecrackers. The suspects will be taken to the prosecutor of Naxos. They will face charges for causing dangerous injuries and for violating the weapons law. The suspects denied they had dangerous firecrackers in their possession.

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