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Scenario: Early elections end of June 2014 or beginning of July

Hardly had the ballot boxes for the municipality and regional elections had closed on Sunday and the first scenario of snap polls made the rounds. Reasons for this was the exit polls showing left-wing SYRIZA candidates to lead in Athens and Attica – thus overturning the public opinion polls of recent weeks.

Journalist Elli Stai told private alpha TV, that according to information Prime Minister Antonis Samaras would seek early parliamentary elections for June 22th or June 20th 2014 should the elections results be equally bad on the EU elections, next Sunday.

Another scenario claims early elections could take place on June 29th or July 6th 2014.

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou dismissed the claim of early elections

The general idea of early elections is that the two coalition government parties, Nea Dimocratia and PASOK would bring bad results in municipality, regional and EU elections and SYRIZA will lead with a difference of more at least 4%, Greece’s main opposition party  will ask a vote of not confidence to this government.

Much to my knowledge, SYRIZA will not even need to ask for such a vote.

Should coalition government party PASOK gain no more than 4.5%-5.5% in the EU elections, the government will hardly be able to pass any law. Samaras’ government has 152 seats in the Parliament, with PASOK holding 27 seats. With half of PASOK lawmakers knowing that they will not sit in the Parliament after the next elections, how many of them would they dare voting for further austerity measures?

PASOK leader, Evangelos Venizelos, has already said that he would withdraw from the government if his party would not gain 10% in the EU elections.



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