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Greece Elections 2014: What’s next with Nea Dimokratia and PASOK?

I twas short after the first European Parliament elections results on Sunday evening when Samaras’ party Nea Dimokratia let the public know that “it received the voters’ message.” A loss of 6.93% when compared to June 2012 results it was clear even to Nea Dimokratia hardliners, that they lost voters, and thus more than half a million.

Quick was the reaction of ND, with its EP candidates, MPs, several party officials and he himself personally, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to herald “speeding up the economy recovery process” and thus in such a speed that I honestly though for a moment that “the recovery train was heading right in my home”.

Monday morning, PM Samaras called in Development Minister Chatzidakis and gave him orders to proceed with the EU Funding package and the development of the country as soon as possible.

Samaras gave also the message that “important and imminent changes in the government” were due. In clear words, the PM announced a government reshuffle to take place in due time – most probably within the next 30 days.

Another message that ND was promoting last night was that “there were political behaviors that influenced the elections results.” That was a clear hint to former cabinet secretary Baltakos who was caught in friendly chat with Golden Dawn – something that seemed to legalize GD in the eyes of voters despite the government efforts to put the majority of GD MPs in jail.

On its part, coalition partner PASOK saw a positive that ELIA did not land with a 5% but with an 8%, even if leader Venizelos had threatened the voters with a dilemma of the kind “either ELIA or PASOK withdraws from the government and political instability comes.”

However, PASOK/ELIA suffered one more defeat, losing almost 5% when compared to June 2012 elections. And when compared to previous elections, when PASOK was ruling the country for decades, the downwards tendency is impressive.

Neither Nea Dimokratia nor PASOK want to accept their losses.

Will a thorough government reshuffle save the situation?

Venizelos repeated today that there would be “no more austerity measures.”

But the austerity program is still valid, the Troika is still present, the government has still to fulfill commitments and Greeks continue to suffer from the crisis. Creating jobs with 400-500 euro per month is not a survival solution if one has to pay rent, bills, taxes and a family need at least 100 euro per week fro groceries.

Nea Dimokratia and PASOK do not seem to take seriously SYRIZA demand for early elections. But they may have to when the next austerity voting will come in the Parliament and some of PASOK lawmakers refuse to vote as they will most probably go home at the next elections.

According to Greek media, ND and PASOK consider widening the coalition government of 152 seats by integrating some of the independent MPs mostly former PASOK and Nea Dimokratia.

I suppose, while the government parties will be negotiating their expansion, they will keep an eye on the highly possible dissolving of Democratic Left, their junior government partner (June 2012 -June 2013).

Democratic Left was formed by defiant SYRIZA and PASOK members.



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