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Tilos: dramatic migrants’ rescue amid sea waves (videos)

A bunch of people are struggling between the sea and the rocks. Men, women, children and elderly are trying to reach a small boat moving like a nut shell between the waves. The people are undocumented migrants who have entered Greece illegally. 43 men, women, children and elderly, who left the havoc of Syria. The human trafficker abandoned them on a rocky and inaccessible area of the island of Tilos, at the southern edge of the Dodecanese group.

 The man in the small boat is a resident of Tilos who voluntarily moved out to take the migrants in safety. One by one he carries the migrants to the boat of Greek Coast Guard.

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Videos: dramatic rescue

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Fishermen from the island had located the people on Friday and alerted the locals who sailed to the spot with all available means amid adverse weather conditions.

A couple of hours later, 34 adults and 10 children, the youngest of them being 5 months old, land safely at the port of Tilos.

Tilos migrants rescue

“The people were left at the most dangerous area of the island,” Coast Guard rescuer Theodoros Karavotas told daily Ethnos. “There is no path there that they could walk and seek help, while the waves are quite high so those who could swim could not seek help through the sea way. They had no chance to escape from the rocks.”

As the coast guard boat could not reach close enough the rocks, a Tilos resident moved to do the work.

Describing the difficult rescue conditions, Ethnos daily notes, that the baby was literally thrown and was caught up in the air.

Mayor of Tilos, Maria Kamma-Alifieri told ANt1 TV that the baby was ‘thrown into the arms of the rescuer as there was no other way to rescue it. “When the baby arrived at the port, it was soaked by the sea water due to the rough sea. It did not have milk for 24 hours.”

Η Αγγλίδα Κάρεν κρατάει στην αγκαλιά της το μόλις 5 μηνών βρέφος που διασώθηκε την περασμένη Παρασκευή

British resident of Tilos,  Karen, is holding the rescued baby in her arms. She wants to keep the babay with her, until the migrants will depart.

Daily Ethnos stresses that the residents of Tilos embraced the migrants and supplied them with food and other necessary items.

The mayor of Tilos told Ethnos that more 120 migrants had been rescued during the last week and are currently on the island.

Speaking to ANt1 TV, Kamma-Aliferi appealed for humanitarian aid for the migrants.

Ηταν η έβδομη διάσωση μεταναστών μέσα στον Ιούλιο. Οι κάτοικοι και το Λιμενικό μετέφεραν σε ασφαλές σημείο της Τήλου τους 43 μετανάστες

It is the 7th rescue of undocumented migrants this month.  The human traffickers normally abandon the people somewhere on the island and they call international emergency number <112>.  “Then we get informed and move out to rescue them,” Karavotas said.

Samos: 23 victims of broken dreams

In a related incident also last Friday, a boat carrying undocumented migrants capsized 10 nautical miles north-east of Karlovasi on the island of Samos. The boat was carrying some 38 people. Rescued have been 15. The rest of people were drοwned in the waters of the Aegean sea together with their dreams.

PS when migrants vanish in the waters, anonymously and quiet, I wonder if their families left behind ever find out what had happened or they are keep waiting for a sign, a phone call, a letter…




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