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IMF’s Lagarde: “I got death threats when I talked about Greece and its taxes”

Head of International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde revealed that she received death treats when she talked about Greece and the failure of paying taxes in the past. Speaking to Financial Times, Christine Lagarde may be more cautious nowadays but yet; for one more time she criticized “the shipping industry” and “others” meaning most probably the many noble “rich Greeks”. On the other hand she  pointed out to the over taxation in Greece that sends thousands of Greeks abroad.

“Greece, though, is another matter: in the past year Lagarde has loudly criticised the failure of rich Greeks to pay their taxes properly. “I better not say too much because, you know, when I have talked about Greece and its taxes before, I got death threats and we had to increase security,” she mutters. “But is the shipping industry really paying its taxes? Are others? I don’t think so.”

But isn’t it part of the problem, I ask, that so many Greeks – or other wealthy elites – have moved to places such as London, in search of jobs or lower taxes. She sighs and acknowledges that this is not just a Greek problem. “I hear from the embassy that you have people in their thirties, say, leaving France,” she says. “When talented people feel they have to leave their own country because they don’t feel they can establish their businesses or find opportunities, it is very sad.”

Full interview to Financial Times here.

Dear Christine,

if the IMF and the national governments let the rich go around without paying taxes and overtax the average citizen, it is a hypocrisy to claim you are “very sad” about the high migration numbers due to taxes.

No worries, though! I could cheer you up with funny – real LOL –  stories from the impact of IMF policies in the health sector… over a cup of coffee and meringue lemon pies.

best regards




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