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Greek Public Order Minister: “Terrorists targeted Olympiakos FC President, Shipowner, Siemens, Nea Dimokratia…”

Anti-terror Police managed a big blow against terrorists planning several attacks, Greek Minister for Public Order, Vassilis Kikilias, said on Thursday.  In a joint press conference with the chief of Greek Police, the minister revealed that prominent shipowners, offices of multinational companies and political parties as well as the President of Olympiakos FC were among the targets of terrorists planning attacks.

Kikilias said that according to the police findings the names of

Vaggelis Marinakis, President of Olympiakos FC, shipowner Thodoros Veniamis,

Chairman of Greek Industrialists’ Association (SEB) Theodoros Fessas and his wife,

the offices of Siemens, info quest,  shipping company Capital as well as the headquarters of PM Samaras’ Nea Dimokratia

were mentioned in handwritten notes found in a garage in a two-store home in Vyronas suburb of Athens.

The Minister stressed also that according to the found notes, several surveillance actions were scheduled for October 1sr and 2nd and that an “action rehearsal” was planned for October 3rd and 4th. (note: Nea Dimokratia has a celebration meeting for its 40 years anniversary on Saturday.)


Together with the chief of Greek Police, Kilikas revealed that one person approximately 30 years old has been arrested as he was renting the apartment. However he used a fake ID.

“The man had no previous police record and he refused to reveal his real identity,” the Minister said adding that police might publish his picture and ask the public’s help to identify the man.

Next to the handwritten notes, also the keys for a Nissan car were found. Police said that the keys belonged to the car that exploded last April on Amerikis Street in downtown Athens. Nikos Maziotis from Revolutionary Struggle had claimed responsibility for the car bomb.

The Vyronas hideout was investigated by police in a a broader investigation in Athens and Thessaloniki during the last days. In addition to the 30-year-old, arrested have been also a woman, 25, two men 26, one man, 23, and an Albanian citizen, 30.

According to Greek media, police found several fire arms and explosives but also a finger print of Nikos Maziotis the dangerous fugitive who was arrested in summer. MEGA TV reported that it was Maziotis who rented the apartment with a fake identity.

“The fight against terrorism is constant and persistent,” the Minister of Public Order said.
(sources: in.gr, newsit.gr, zougla.gr, several television networks)

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