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David Crouch’s shocking revelations about Caroline’s murder

In an exclusive interview with ANT1 TV, the father of Caroline Crouch, David, made shocking revelations about his daughter’s murder by her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos. According to David Crouch, he received a letter allegedly written by the confessed murderer in which he wrote that Caroline’s fate was sealed because he …

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Sinead McNamara’s Parents reveal “she called us crying short before” the tragedy

The parents of  20-year-old Australian instagram influencer Sinead McNamara are intensively looking to the causes of their daughter’s death on a luxury yacht anchored off the island of Kefalonia last week. They reveal that Sinead called them short before she was found and she was crying. Sinead’s desperate family is …

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How a Himalayan Cat got involved in Greek politics

Himalayan Cats are a noble breed with long hair, a breed coming to life from crossing between Persian and Siamese cats. These beautiful creatures are known for their  sparkling blue eyes and unique markings on their luxurious coats. Fully aware of their uniqueness, Himalayan cats are also known for being …

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Bribes Alert! Opposition MP claims, she was offered €3mln to vote for Greece’s next President

Stavroula Xoulidou, a lawmaker from right-wing Independent Greeks party, claimed that she was offered 3 million euro to vote for Greece’s next President. Xoulidou made her claims during a late night show on Tuesday short after party president Panos Kammenos had claimed that there were attempts from the side of …

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Greek Public Order Minister: “Terrorists targeted Olympiakos FC President, Shipowner, Siemens, Nea Dimokratia…”

Anti-terror Police managed a big blow against terrorists planning several attacks, Greek Minister for Public Order, Vassilis Kikilias, said on Thursday.  In a joint press conference with the chief of Greek Police, the minister revealed that prominent shipowners, offices of multinational companies and political parties as well as the President …

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