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Greek & Serbian media reveal names and pictures of 2 suspects responsible for Paris Attacks

Greek and Serbian media revealed on Sunday the names of two men suspected to have been ISIS members who triggered the horrible Paris carnage on Friday night. The two men are believed to have traveled from Syria to Europe through Turkey and into Greece in early October. One of them has allegedly passed through Serbia and Croatia before reaching France and was most likely accompanied by the second suspect.

One of the men has allegedly blew himself up in the Bataclan music hall, the other was killed outside the Stade de France with a Syrian passport to have been found near the corpse.

KTG understands that the data of the two men have been reportedly “identified” based on fingerprints taken by the corpses and the Syrian passport found near the body of one of the suicide bombers. French authorities submitted relevant requests to Greek and what it seems also to Serbian authorities. KTG understands also that Greek authorities take the refugees’ fingerprints during the registration process.

US Intelligence sources expressed doubts on whether the Syrian passport found was real.

Greek media: Leros-Piraeus Ticket copies

Greek newspaper Proto Thema uploaded on its website on Sunday pictures of boat tickets, the men have allegedly used to travel from the islands to Piraeus port and from there to Europe.

A short summary:

“The two suspected jihadists ALMAHMOD M. and ALMOHAMAD A. were on a boat with refugees that shipwrecked on October 3rd 2015 off the island of Leros.

They stayed on the island on October 3rd and 4th until the registration procedures were concluded.

Using their Syrian passports, the two men bought tickets on October 5th so that they can travel to the port of Piraeus on Greek mainland. As there was not boat from Leros to Piraeus on that day, they traveled via a local boat from Leros to the nearby island of Kos and got on board of ferry Diagoras.

From there and hidden among the refugees they traveled to Europe. 39 days later they were in Paris.


Above: Ticket copy. Below: Seat registrationprotothema

(full article ProtoThema in Greek)

Serbian media: Bataclan suicide bomber

Also on Sunday, Serbian newspaper Blic, uploaded the picture of  a passport belonging to one of the men that were registered on Leros as refugees.


Blic gives the name as Ahmed Almuhamed, aged 25.

A short summary

“Ahmed Almuhamed entered Serbia at Miratovce border point on October 7th , having crossed the frontier from FYROM.

According to Serbian authorities, Almuhamed applied for asylum in Serbia in Presevo before crossing into Croatia and Austria and that he was not registered by the Interpol.

He is one of the attackers who blew himself up in Bataclan concert hall,” Blic stresses.(full article Blic here)

The newspaper notes that Almuhamed had arrived to Serbia together with another man but gives no further data. Croatian press notes that he entered Croatia on October 6th through the Opatovac crossing.

On Saturday, Greek Public Order Ministry confirmed that the Syrian passport found outside the Stade De France “was registered to have entered Greece on Leros on October 3rd.”

Sunday noon, Greek state ERT TV reported citing sources from the Public Order Ministry that “when the above mentioned passport was registered on October 3rd there was no FRONTEX member present to check the authenticity of the travel documents.”

To screen and register refugees Greek authorities use the Pan-European data system as agreed by the EU and the EU Summit on the Refugees issue.

According to Greek media, the date of birth on the Syrian passport in Satde was given as 1990.

It is not clear, whether the Syrian passport owner had obtained a residence permission by Greek authorities, but some Greek broadcaster claimed something like that.


Infographic via DailyMail At least two of the terrorists is believed to have left Syria, travelled through Turkey and registered as a refugee on the Greek island of Leros on October 3 before continuing his journey northwards eventually arriving in Paris.

If the two men managed to cross all the scanners in several countries – Germany incl – they were probably not previously registered for any reason or ‘wanted’, right?

On Saturday there was information that “one of the Paris attackers had entered Greece in early August” but this has not been officially confirmed by the Greek authorities so far. Then Sunday, Proto Thema revealed the names of the two men who arrived together to Greece.

I suppose, more and more information about the Paris attackers will come up in the next days.

PS so if the name of the Bataclan attacker is “Ahmed Almuhamed or Almohamed“, is the name on the Syrian passport found outside the Stade “M. Almahmod“? And both killers were 25 years old? Meanwhile I read in several Greek and international media that Ahmed Almuhamed was rather the attacker in the Satde and not Bataclan.

It doesn’t make any difference: the daughters and the sons of someone, the parents of somebody else, the sisters and the brothers of some, the friends, the neighbors… a total of 129 people will never come back.

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  1. Athena Emmanouilidis

    Yeap, they sound very fishy at best.If the people who verify credentials weren’t there, why didn’t they wait until the next day??? Such stupidity

    • When you have 10,000 refugees arriving per day you don’t have the luxury of waiting another day. The stupidity lies with the EU for not providing sufficient money or personnel, and with the EU governments for refusing to finance the UNHCR properly in this crisis. There may be some blame on the Greek state, which according to the UN is behaving restrictively to UN activities and demanding control over everything (when clearly they have no control at all). All in all, it is one very big mess and it is obvious that any competent Islamic terrorist group would take advantage of the stupidity and incompetence of European governments.

  2. Bleeding hearts and the open door policy made this possible. We opened the door to the enemy and Parisians paid the price. The way to prevent such tragedies is by stopping the sales of arms to these animals and by sanctioning the states that fund them (oil or no oil). There would be no refugee problem if Syrian terrorists had not been given money and weapons.

  3. Is it not a bit strange to find a passport next to man who just blew himself up ?????