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Sinead McNamara’s Parents reveal “she called us crying short before” the tragedy

The parents of  20-year-old Australian instagram influencer Sinead McNamara are intensively looking to the causes of their daughter’s death on a luxury yacht anchored off the island of Kefalonia last week. They reveal that Sinead called them short before she was found and she was crying.

Sinead’s desperate family is looking for answers and asks the Greek authorities to keep them informed about the progress of investigation.

Through their Greek attorney-at-law the parents revealed late on Wednesday that Sinead had called her mother and her brother crying short time before she was found hanging off the back of the yacht.

“She had told them of an incident with another member of the yacht crew,” attorney Charalampos Triantafyllopoulos said in a statement.

Sinead McNamara was working on the yacht Mayan Queen IV of Mexican billionaire Alberto Baillères.

The parents said through their legal representative that their daughter did not face any problems and she was in frequent communication with them.

Through their lawyer Sindead McNamara’s  parents want to learn from the Greek authorities what happened on the yacht a few minutes before their daughter was found.

Greek authorities had seized CCTV footage from the cameras on the yacht, media reported.

The statement issued by Ch. Triantafyllopoulos:

“In the context of the investigation into the conditions and causes that led to the death of Sinead McNamara, acting as the attorney-at-law of her parents, I declare that the family is expected from the Greek authorities to respond to the causes and circumstances of her death, the full investigation of the events and incidents that occurred prior to her death in the Mayan Queen IV yacht, in particular given the fact that the deceased had communicated by telephone with her mother and brother shortly before the unfortunate incident under investigation. She was crying and referred to an incident that took place on the yacht with another crew member.

The parents also state that Sinead was not having any problems, she often communicated with her family and she was happy. In two (2) days she would return to her family and her friends in Australia.

For these reasons, the family finds it crucial to thoroughly investigate both the conditions of death and the events and incidents that preceded this event in order to reveal the full truth and learn what actually happened and led their twenty-year-old daughter to death.

In addition, the family is looking for the reasons for the long delay between the time of the unfortunate incident to Sinead’s transfer to an Athens hospital and while she was already for several hours unconscious,  in a comatose condition and every minute was critical to her life.

Expressing their trust in the Greek authorities, they hope that the above critical issues will be thoroughly explored and that they will receive as appropriate answers for the sudden and unexpected death of their daughter, ” Triantafyllopoulos statement concluded.

After she was found, attempts were made on board to revive her. She was taken to the hospital of Kefalonia. She was reportedly in the hospital for several hours until a helicopter could trasnfer her to a private clinic in Athens.

Sinead McNamara died during the flight.

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