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David Crouch’s shocking revelations about Caroline’s murder

In an exclusive interview with ANT1 TV, the father of Caroline Crouch, David, made shocking revelations about his daughter’s murder by her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos.

According to David Crouch, he received a letter allegedly written by the confessed murderer in which he wrote that Caroline’s fate was sealed because he was to get involved in drugs trafficking with his helicopter.

“In the letter he wrote to me, he told me that a friend of his who owned a tavern and was involved in drugs, was looking for a helicopter pilot to transport drugs and told him that he would give him very good money and so he accepted. When he told my daughter who is very honest, she told him that she would take the child and go away.” Mr Crouch said.

He added “He, as he wrote to me,—he was such a fool—went and told them [the traffickers] that he would not do it because his wife would leave him. Then they told him that he should finish with her and that no one should know about it. so based on what the wife-murderer himself wrote to me, he decided to kill her himself so that the drug gang wouldn’t kill her.”

According to ANT1 TV the letter was typed on a PC and had no signature.

Police had investigated possible involvement of Anagnostopoulos in drugs trafficking but no evidence found in this direction, media reported back then. The father’s revelations may lead authorities to open the case again.

19-year-old Caroline Crouch a student of British and Filipino descent, was murdered on the morning of 11 May 2021, in her home on Glyka Nera, a suburb of eastern Athens. Her husband had staged a robbery scenery. 37 days later he was arrested by police and confessed to the police under interrogation that he was the one who murdered her.

On 22 June 2022, he was imprisoned on charges of murder and animal abuse as he had also killed the family dog.


As no other expected Caroline’s father did not speak well of his (former) son-in-law describing him as “a coward man who killed Caroline while she was sleeping and in front of their child.”

Referring to the much-discussed plot of land bought by the Anagostopoulos. the father said “Caroline had asked me for money to buy a plot worth 70,000 euros. I gave her 35,000 euros and the remaining 35,000 euros was given to her by her mother, but Babis took the money and bought it in his own name, if you can believe that!”

Speaking about Lydia, his granddaughter, he said that she is in the Philippines and she is happy there.

Video: in English with Greek subtitles

Original ANT1 video here.

Regarding the custody Babis’ parents have asked for Lydia, Mr Crouch said “it would be ridiculous for her to live with the parents of the man who killed her mother. She is a very sweet creature and reminds me of her mother.”

The custody for Lydia is to be discussed at a court in the second half of January.

78-year-old David Crouch lives on the island of Alonnisos where Caroline spent the largest part of her shot life.

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