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UPD Athens: 4 Metro stations open except for

UPDATE: as of 9:30 pm four metro stations are open to the public, except for <Panepistimio> that remains closed by the police, apparently due to the incidents in Exarchia.


Greek Police closes five metro stations in downtown Athens due to the protest march on November 17th 2014. Metro station <Panepistimio> closes as of 12 o’ clock noon, metro stations <Syntagma>, <Evaggelismos>, <Megaron Mousikis> and <Ampelokipoi> will close as of 2 pm.

The metro wagons will pass through the stations but will not stop and therefore no passenger will be able neither to get in or out.

The metro stations will open again, once the protest march to commemorate the dead of the Students’ Uprising in 1973 concludes. That is sometime in the early evening or the late evening depending on the outcome of the protest.

The protest will start at 3 pm from the Polytechnic School in Patision Avenue, will pass through main avenues in downtown Athens and will end outside the US Embassy in Ampelokipoi.


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