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Athens: German Erasmus student beaten by police

Greek riot police allegedly beat up a German student on Erasmus exchange program. The student,Nils, uploaded a picture of his blood covered face on his Facebook profile and described his horror experience with the police while in Athens on November 17th 2014. Reason for him beaten up by police? Standing in a wrong corner wrongly doing nothing…

“Got beaten up by GREEK POLICE. Stood in a street close to a demonstration. Had no weapons, my face was uncovered, I was just standing alone in a corner raising my hands to show I am unarmed. They just beat me down with sticks. I did not do anything, I said nothing. When I was lying on the ground screaming even more policemen came to beat me. Hiding at the place of some very nice greek people now. What kind of country is this where you have to be scared of the police???”

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                Ni Ls FB Profile Picture and experience here
In a parallel development, a video footage from Athens shows a man laying helpless on the street apparently after being beaten up by policemen on motorcycles.

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