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Parliament refers LAOS Karatzaferis to prosecutor over assets in offshore

Finance Audit Committee of Greek Parliament unnanymously decided to refer right-populist LAOS President  Giwrgos Karatzaferis to justice for false assets declaration, illegally acquired assets and illegal participation in off-shore companies. Furthermore, the audit committee calls for immediate return of the money to the State, as he was unable to justify the origin of the money.

The President of the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS)  had claimed that the1.65 million found in one offshore company, was money coming from a loan. However, there was no proof the money came form loan repayment. According to the auditors, there was allegedly an unlawful transaction with kickbacks to facilitate procurement of armament programs.
According to allegations, the 1.65 million euro came from two money transfers from French company Kestrel that deals with armaments.
As for the false declaration, it looks as if LAOS President had declared his off-shores on and off. Anyway, an Independent Greek MP alleged that Karatzaferis owes a thirds off-shore company.
Karatzaferis faces felony charges for money laundering, false assets declaration and violation of the Law/2010 that forbids politicians to own off-shores.  (iferimerida, ToVima,,)
Karatzaferis is to be investigated in allegations that he received kickbacks for the purchase of Super Puma helicopters in year 2000.
Investigation against Karatzeferis came after a tip off.
However, the case leaves many questions open regarding the politicians’ assets and their declarations that are open to public.
A recent investigation conducted retrospectively on politicians’ assets did not manage to find any irregularities in Karatzaferis’ assets. Greek media report of “an amount of 800,000 euro given to auditing accountants to checks these assets.”
Deputy chairman of Parliament Committee investigating politicians’ assets, MP Giwrgos Kalatzis, told SKAI TV, that the normal assets control is typical and that the Parliament can thoroughly investigate assets only after a “specific complaint”.
Another crucial question is that Giwrgos Karatzeferis was never member of a government and therefore how was it possible to be involved in public procurements?
PS naive question, right?

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