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Athens: Senior bicyclist vs riot police as he tries to reach home (video)

Saturday night in Exarchia district of Athens, center of clashes between protesters and riot police. A senior bicyclist wants to pass through a riot police squad to reach his home.Police tells him he cannot go for his own protection. But the senior man insists telling police that he is capable of protecting himself. He starts an unfruitful dialogue with police, even making fun of them and calling them “boys” and “playmobil” while the crowd – probably young protesters – applauds.


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Grandpa: I want to pass through. I control my protection, you are cops… Please, open the way. I am a Greek citizen and I want to go home. Do not tell me that there are clashes over there. Please, do not underestimate my intelligence….

Policeman: You rather underestimate our intelligence.

Grandpa: You got not any… Please, don’t push me. (Policeman says somthing0What I hit you? It’s just my bicycle.

Grandpa turns to the crowd and sing a parody of “La Cucaraca” in Greek that starts with “malakia” (jerk).

Turning to police again: As if I am a malakas (jerk) and I cannot protect myself. Well… we played with playmobil [figures] as kids.

It is not clear whether the man managed to break through the police line and reach his home. What is clear is that the man in been celebrated like a “God” on Greek internet.




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