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Ptolemaida: Firefighters rescue kitten from certain death (video)

With incredible patience and soft gestures a fire fighter tries to free a kitten whose head is stuck in a tin can. His colleague holds the kitten down and they both talk to it to keep it calm. The kitten endures the live-saving efforts silently and stoically anticipating rescue from the torture that can end in certain death.

Greek fire fighters rescue kitten

The determined fire fighter twists and gently pulls, again and again until the kitten is free and saved.

Video: firefighters rescue trapped kitten

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The kitten was so shocked from the nasty experience, that it run away in high speed before thanking the fire fighters for having saved its life.

The incident occurred on Friday outside the Fire Brigades vehicles station in Ptolemaida. According to reports, the kitten had desperately tried to free its head from the tin can but its efforts had failed.

The cat was really lucky to happen to be outside the Fire Brigades…

Keep up the good work, guys! Applaud!


PS lesson of the day: do not put food for strays in objects that can turn dangerous to them.


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  1. Well done! A heart-warming story right for Valentine’s Day!