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Dijsselbloem asks EFSF to examine return of €1.2 billion to Greece

Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem has reportedly wrote to European Financial Stability Fund chief Klaus Regling and Euro Working Group chief Thomas Wiser urgently examine the Greek request for return of €1.2 billion, Greek media report on Tuesday.

The amount was sent by the FSF by mistake to the temporary rescue mechanism.

According to information, the FSF had used 1.2 billion euro in cash in the process of banks recapitalization and then bonds of EFSF.  Therefore the bonds that may be return could be less than €1.2 billion.

However, officials consider the issue with “cautious optimism, and believe that the return of 1.2 billion. Euro is part of the overall negotiation with lenders.”

The final decision will be taken by the board of the EFSF.

The amount was among a package totaling 4.9 billion euro that the Eurogroup might approve for Greece. A welcome financial injection to the country that may run out of money in a couple of weeks.



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