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Greek Gov’t: no payment to IMF on June 5 without a deal with creditors

Greece will not make a payment to the International Monetary Fund if there is no deal with its creditors, SYRIZA’s parliamentary speaker said on Wednesday. “The moment of truth is on June 5,” Nikos Filis told private ANT1 TV.

Nikos Filis

“If there is no deal by then that will address the current funding problem, they won’t get any money.”

Greece is due to pay €1.2 billion to the International Monetary Fund as part of repaying loan tranche on June 5th. Should the debt-ridden country fail to meet its obligation, the IMF will consider it as “credit event” a month later.

Drained of cash, the government has repeatedly said that its priority is “to pay wages and pensions” and not the creditors.

“We have no money to pay the IMF, we have only money to pay wages and pensions. Whatever we could give to those abroad, we gave it already,” Filis said. He called on creditors to keep their bailout obligations.

“It is not possible that the bailout program has been unilaterally stopped and we pay our obligations to creditors from budget money,” Filis added.

Talks with creditors about “a deal for cash” have reached a crucial point, as Greece has not received any bailout funding since August 2014. Creditors insist on continuation of the strict austerity, the Greek government wants the end of austerity and recession.

“Now is the moment that negotiations are coming to a head. Now is the moment of truth, on June 5,” Nikos Filis said.

Also this month the Greek government had warned that it would not pay its tranche to the IMF, giving priority to the payment of wages and pensions, however it tapped its annual fee to the IMF and paid €750 million on May 12th.

PS thinking to upload a countdown application until June 5th…

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  1. Creditor bailout obligations? – This guy is hillarious.

    Just a little reminder: no memorandum, no paymnent. Plain and simple.

    Syriza declared the memorandum void, so Greece will default.

  2. Greece must swivel to Russia. And once she does; then the rest of Europe will follow.
    The Great Satan will finally fall.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Just a few more weeks and Greece is without any credits from these greedy scumbags since one year! Record! But they try to destroy tourism for TUI and other shitheads. They also want 1 million freelancers become wage slaves.
    They all are so pissed cuz their plan didn’t materialize and their plan was a cheap house close to the seaside with the former owner to clean up their ass for an Euro per hour, as they are too stiff and fat to use an ass-shower but I’m still waiting for a Pulitzer to come with the truth behind rich fats being unable to use toilet-paper.

    • without any credits? Probably the IMF debt will stay and Greece has no money from leaners what so ever. So pay the pension and salaries this month and Greece has no money for the coming months. Fare deal?

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Fair deal? I would like it much more better and honest if anarchist prisoners get released to teach the kids in the army how to rob European banks. So that Greek youths will have some perspective and in the long run Vassilis Paleokostas would be the best government boss anyway!
        The main problem is that even Malaka Samaras wanted to get the shit ended in 2014 and get “back to the markets” plus no rise in tourism-killing VATs and that’s the reason why there is no European money since August 2014 and no IMF-money since March 2014. Unfortunately Greece’ government isn’t that bad as painted but I guess if some Islamic scum would blow up some Turkish beaches that would help the tourism in more democratic countries a lot but at the moment even this way wouldn’t work out cuz thanks to the European blackmail it’s getting more and more difficult for Greek banks to change foreign currencies. If too many Brits, Americans and Australians still wanna make holidays in Greece the ECB will take surely care to make it too expensive, as in the summertime Germany isn’t selling that much planet-killers, no problem for more and more dirty tricks to bring Greece to their knees.