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Survey: 48% support SYRIZA, 54% approve Gov’t negotiations attitude

Despite all odds. Despite all pressure and “bankruptcy” threats and blackmails. 48% of Greeks support left-wing SYRIZA and 54% approve the government’s approach in negotiations with lenders, while 58% want that the Government does not step back under the creditors’ pressure. The majority of respondents reject the additional austerity measures the lenders want to impose to Greeks.

According to the latest public opinion survey conducted by the Public Issue for Avgi, a newspaper affiliated to SYRIZA, respondents said they supported:

SYRIZA 48.5%

NEA Dimocratia 21%

KKE 6%

Golden Dawn 6%

To Potami 5.5%


Independent Greeks 3.5%

Other parties 5.5%

In the crucial negotiations with the country’s lenders, 58% said that they support the government’s approach, while 37% said that they disagree. The same 37% said that the government has to step back, while 58% said, the government has to keep the tough attitude.

71% said they favor the Euro and 19% said that they favored return to Drachma.

50% have negative opinion about the European Union and 48% positive.

The majority of respondents reject many of the additional austerity measures the country’s creditors demand from the Greek government:

89% is against cuts to pensions, 79% against cuts in supplementary pensions

84% is against mass lay-offs

57% against the Unified Property Tax (ENFIA)

53% against a flat Value Added Tax of 18%

43% against the privatization of regional airports

The majority of respondents reject the option of snap elections so that the Government would seek new public mandate:

Only 10% support the idea of early elections

56% want that the new deal between Greece and it creditors would be voted in the Palriament

34% want referendum

As for economic situation and insecurity:

48% of respondents said that they were afraid their economic situation would worsen (30% in April 2015)

39% believe that it would remain the same (51% in April) and just 15% believe that it would improve (19% in April.)

Greeks worry about the security of their deposits at the banks with 58% saying they believe that they are not absolutely guaranteed.

Regarding the Mainstream Media’s attitude towards the government, 49% say they were “hostile”, 28% “friendly”, 20% “neutral”.

The survey was conducted 13-19 May 2015.

Ναι στη διαπραγμάτευση, όχι στην υποχώρηση, όχι στις εκλογές

The full survey in Greek here on


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  1. You actually believe what AVGI says? They are biased pro-SYRIZA rubbish. And not only that, they probably asked only communists in Exarceia to fulfill their survey data.

    Greek people need to look at themselves in the mirror and understand that their country is in a serious mess, and it can get much, much worse than it is now if this uncertainty lasts any longer.

    There needs to be a deal ASAP between Troika and Greece, no more games.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I see. a poll conducted for a Nea Dimokratia newspaper would be more reliable.

      • No, I think a international poll would be best.
        We know how biased the Greek media is, from every political party.

    • Are you some sort of lunatic? — “They probably only asked communists in Exarcheia…”

      First of all, you are making an accusation of open fraud against the polling company used by Avgi, with no evidence other than your personal bigoted opinion.

      Secondly, Exarcheia is not populated by “communists”: I lived there for 12 years and I know the area well. It is very mixed, demographically and politically, but is probably a bit short of ND supporters. Most would be centre left, in my opinion — and currently supporting Syriza if they had previously been Pasok.

      Thirdly, your wording indicates that you are not a Greek. Perhaps you should think more carefully about what you write. All Greeks are very aware — more than you are — what a serious situation the country is in. That is why they voted for this government, as previous ones created and then failed to improve the mess.

      • So what you are saying is Greece voted SYRIZA to make their economy even worse? The GR economy was getting better under Nea Demokratia, even though the medicine I admit was very painful.
        Now its back to square one and bankruptcy.
        Why cant you understand SYRIZA lied to you and cannot deliver what they promised?

        Every minute Greece wastes makes things worse.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Better? Ha,ha
          That the troika didn’t believe the getting better story and forced ND to expand the blockade of the remaining credits resulted in snap elections and it was revealed by statistics that in Greece come as usual three months later but funny is that the media is now too stupid to change their lies and that now the troika tells the ND-lies.
          The only thing that was really getting better were the numbers in tourism but the rise in VAT will destroy tourism, esp the small businesses and that was even understood by Samaras cuz lots of his voters come from this sector. Later on – if not stopped – one can see multinationals as “job-rescuers” buying in small hotels cheap from hungry owners and then operating under reduced taxes and reduced wages, the latter means also less taxes.
          Not too mentioned that the actual situation aims on destroying the tourist sector anyway and the crowbar will be the Greek banks being unable to change foreign currencies in the season; against this effect the Greek state should campaign on tourists to get Euros NOW!

      • costa sakellariou

        i’m not so certain of two things…

        first, that you can tell someone is not a Greek by their “wording”.

        what in hell does that mean?

        and secondly, that greeks are ‘very aware…what a serious situation the country is in’.

        unfortunately, the polls show something very different. we see that the ‘people’ support the stance of the government…but don’t want to give up the euro…but don’t want austerity…but want the debt to be forgiven!!!!

        on what planet will that ever happen when sitting across the table from schauble, merkel and their dutch and spanish satellites?

        how will that ever happen when locked in an economic relationship which has destroyed the country’s industry and agriculture.

        the greek people live in denial (sth kara kosmara tous). until they are prepared to make the hard choice to leave the euro and begin to rebuild the country – they will continue denying reality.

        the day is coming soon however when the choice will be made for greece. i just hope that people prepare themselves…

        • Excellent analysis. I was beginning to worry that this blog had too many SYRIZA dreamers on it!

  2. I don’t know! If we back down, then we are giving into what Troika etc want, so we become one of the many. I certainly don’t want a life like most of the EU nations where they are told how to dress, behave, talk etc. I’m Irish living in Greece, by the way and I belong to no Political party. All I want is a good strong leader to get Greece back on it’s feet, (where it was before the Euro) preferably without any more bailouts. Don’t forget, if we privatize as they are saying, most of that money will go back to the Troika and Greece and the Greeks will benefit very little. Just the same as the original bailout amounts.
    If we hold out, we may write history once again as the nation who said “OXI”. This is not a battle of egos; it’s a fight for the Greek people who cannot lift such a heavy cross any longer. It’s also a fight for Democracy and against Dictorship.
    We all know that the Euro was a mistake from the beginning and that it will FALL sooner or later, so why trap ourselves into a net with even a worse exit. What do the Europeans not understand “We can’t pay because WE DONT HAVE THE MONEY”. For God’s sake, how can they insist on taking something which does not exist. What the hell’s going on here???

    • Ok then default, print your own money and be like Venezuela or Argentina.
      Is that what you want?

    • costa sakellariou

      good sentiment except for the ‘good strong leader part’.

      every time one of those came along, things just got worse…

      eg. pangalos, metaxas, papadopoulos, papandreaou

      we need the greek people to wake up and begin to take responsibility for their actions on a local level as well as a national one!