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Crete: Lightning injures 7 tourists in Knossos archaeological site

A lightning fell in the archaeological site of Knossos in Crete, on Friday morning injuring 6 tourists with one of them reportedly being in critical condition.  According to local media, the lightning fell at 9:30 in the morning near a group of Russian tourists visiting the site. The tourists had sought shelter from the rain under a pine tree.

“It was a very loud sound that scared the people who fell on the ground,” the chief guard of Knossos site told adding that “some fainted and some were screaming that they had no feeling of their legs.”

The majority of the injured had light injuries except one woman who suffered a heart attack. Doctors managed to revive the 46-year-old tourist who remains in critical condition in Venizeleio hospital, very close to the site.

According to Skai TV, the woman was holding an open umbrella that allegedly functioned as a lightning rod.



Ambulances rushing to the site have reportedly treated a total of 19 people many of them in shock. Seven people had fractures in hands and legs and are in hospitals, others underwent preventive treatment.

κνωσός κεραυνός

A Greek pregnant woman working at the site has suffered a strong shock and was taken to the hospital. According to doctors, her condition is not worrying.

lightning tourists knossos

According to the chief guard, there was a lightning rod in the site.

The archaeological site has been closed to public after the unprecedented  incident.


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