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Troikan trapped in elevator – Rescued by Greek Fire-brigades (video)

A member of the Troika’s “technical teams” – a legionnaire – was trapped together with his assistant in the elevator of the State General Accounting Office. The troikans had visited the SGAO in order to start inspections on the state of the Greek economy and the banks.

troikan elevator

The elevator could not bear the heavy weight of the inspector and stuck between the first and the second floor. As the elevator refused to move upwards or downwards, the fire-brigades were called in.

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The Troikan was rescued after half an hour …and went straight to nearest souvlaki grill for a spicy delicacy and a cold beer.

I wonder, if he wondered why the souvlaki on the skewer had 13% Value Added Tax is plain, but 23% VAT when with a pinch of salt…

I wonder also, if he wondered why there was not air-conditioning in the elevator, and how much the firemen earn a month.

PS I told Troikans and their Legionnaires this morning, there is no need to hide their faces. It doesn’t help.

more pictures from the Troikans’ rescue.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Next time don’t let’em go eat but bring’em to a hospital and force’em to wait 10 hours

  2. Twice, I had to wait about 1,5 hours to be released from a lift (nothing to do with excess weight, LOL) so I am disappointed that the fire service was more efficient with Troika members.

    Maybe we could get Varoufakis to hack lift electronics, so that any Troika member would automatically be trapped inside. Not as good as saving the banking system, but at least some sort of revenge.

    BTW, it’s good that they are now ashamed to show their faces.

  3. Can you find out who is paying for the team to stay at the Athens Hilton, and whether they investigated cheaper lodging options, like maybe a tent in the park?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I think Greece pay for them. as for the Task Force & other ‘troika aid teams.’. tent in the park? problems with wi-fi

      • René Henri Pasche

        yes, that is the usual procedure, at least for the privat banks. Governments that ask for or get money from the big banks must pay back all the expenditures the bankers and their business partners had (from the beginning of the negociations untill the signature) gifts and pocket fees inclusive. Could be that ECB, EU and IMF are more lenient, but I doubt.

  4. One of them is wearing a neck belt. Perhaps as the result of some hanging attempt. These are all junior accountants, educated and trained in the skills of mechanically evaluating books and figures, not in the art of humanitarian empathy. Greece for them is just another step on the ladder. They will report to their masters of the Troika on just how much more money can be squeezed out of pensioners, nurses and school teachers. All part of the so-called Social Adjustment Programmes.

    • It should not be forgotten that the Court of Auditors has refused to authorise the accounts of the European Union and its agencies for over a decade now, owing to corruption, embezzlement, fraud and unacceptable accounting practices. Moreover, the European Commission on most occasions has refused to initiate prosecution of its employees who have stolen money.

      Is this institution really an acceptable arbiter of correct book-keeping, when it cannot keep its own books in order? The whole exercise is a fraud, a charade — carried out for political reasons. The junior accountants sent to Greece are probably being punished for some minor misdemeanour — or maybe their families don’t have enough political clout within the Commission.

      • Accounting technology trumps Economists technology for utility.

      • One of the previous European Commissions were sent home because of corruption. The whistle blower got promoted to the archives cause that is what happens to people who blow the whistle. Never ever has a EU budget been approved and the EU Statistical office also got branded for corruption. Think the EP is any better? MEP need to punch in but not punch out so some immediately after punching in go home to get the per diem and other goodies. Look at this site for more on lobbying, revolving doors, etc. in the EU:

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Something was found out and ignored in June …google>>>>

        • The ENTIRE European Commission resigned in 1999 in order to avoid being sacked by the European Parliament, which was about to happen. This was over proven corruption.
          When I was a student of economics and politics in the 1980s, I chose to specialise in the economics, politics and law of the EC. One of my courses was on the politics of the EC, where we would discuss the formal constitutional powers. We noted that the main power of the parliament was that it could by a clear majority vote sack the Commission. However, this had never happened, and it was expressed at the time, that this was a theoretical power that probably never would be used. Just a constitutional check.
          So, to put this into context: we have a European Union that is SO CORRUPT that its own parliament cannot tolerate it, it has no legal accounts, and they have the brazen cheek to complain about Greece…

  5. For me legionnaire meant a soldier of the french foreign Legion.

    We are learning new labels everyday.

    Ahhh..,by the way : Tsipras was a Trojan.
    ” Trojan in computing is any malicious computer program which misrepresents itself as useful, routine, or interesting in order to persuade a victim to install it.”.
    Once installed he reveals is true character.
    Tsipras was elected with Anti Austerity program.

    Once installed as PM he revealed himself.
    Hw was nothing but another a Merkel ENVOY .
    Greeks need another Tsipras, I mean , a real One.