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Attackers with helmets beat 3 ticket controllers in Omonoia metro station

an organized attack against ticket controllers in the middle of downtown Athens. A group of some 20 people wearing helmets attacked three ticket controllers standing at the pier of the Metro station in Omonoia on Monday evening.

According to media, the group arrived at the metro pier and started to beat with punches and kicks the ticket controllers in front of the eyes of dozens stunned commuters.

The controllers tried to escape from their attackers but apparently in vain. After finishing their work, the attackers fled.

The controllers were transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment. One of the victims has head injuries, another one broke ribs and the third one a broken nose.

It looks like there was some panic among the commuters who were trying to leave the pier and the metro station as soon as they could.

The police has launched a manhunt to catch the attackers.

According to other media, the attackers were 10 people and only one of the victims was taken to hospital.

Ticket collectors in Athens public transport do not enjoy much of good reputation  due to inappropriate and often brutal behavior  towards ticket dodgers.  Just last week, I read on social media of an incident outside the Syntagma metro station where allegedly two controllers beat with punches someone who was most probably a ticket dodger.

A little early, a warning phone call for a “bomb” had brought the Metro in Egaleio suburb of Piraeus into halt. It turned out, it was a farce.

Almost at the same time with the attack in the metro, a group of anarchists attacked a group of motorized police corps (DIAS) outside the Polytechnic School of Athens near Omonoia.  The anarchists attacked the policemen with wooden sticks and stones. One policeman was injured.

No group or organization has claimed responsibility of the attacks or even explained somehow the motive.

Recently, imprisoned anarchist Nikos Romanos had called for actions against police and state institutions warned of a “Black December.”

I have no idea if Monday’s attacks have to do anything with Romanos’ call, but Greek police is certainly on alert.

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