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Scandal in Greek Parliament: retired MPs to get €100K retroactive since 2008

Yes. Yes. Yes. Our esteemed ‘servants of the public interest’. Our lawmakers, who first of all think about themselves and their own interests. The retired MPs want back – retrospective – thousands of euro. The sad thing is that the government complies with these demands and accepts the decisions of the Court of Auditors for retroactive payments up to €100,000 per retired lawmaker.

According to daily Eleftheros Typos, the government attitude means that the pensions of the retired MPs will increase retroactively since 2008.

Greek lawmakers pensions are bound to judicial personnel wages and pensions. When when the judges get pay rise, so do the MPs.

The Greek state had initially appealed to Court’s decision but in the end it accepted it. In a legislation bill, the government accepts that the Court decisions are “directly enforceable without allowing the possibility of appeal or delay by the State.”

Now, that this obstacle has been removed, the retired MPs await for Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos to sign the decision and start the payments.

The amount to be paid to retired MPs can be at case up to 100,000 euro. Eleftheros typos notes that the number of retired MPs to get this “New Year’s Bonus” is small, but the daily does not reveal the exact number.

“Deducted form the amount to be paid are reductions that were made form 2010 until 2015 due to the loan agreements. But again, the amount to be paid to retired MPs can be no less than 50,000-60,000 euro,” the daily notes.

We are talking here about our esteemed Greek lawmakers who earn rights for an MP pension after they served fro two legislation periods, that is 8 years.

Finance Ministry data released in 2013 – cuts were made in February 2013.

Monthly pension for Prime Ministers (net)

December 2009: 4,679.48 euro

February 2013:  2,561.26 ευρώ

Monthly Pension for Lawmakers (full pension, net)

December 2009: 3,866.16 euro

February 2013:    1,975.96 ευρώ                          

I remember to have covered this topic maybe 2 years ago. I also reckon, that the retied MPs’ demands were considered as “scandal” amid strict austerity program and pension cuts for the rest of the mortal Greeks. At that time, one or two of the retired “chosen ones” had generously stated that they would refrain from accepting the retroactive payments due to the ‘economic crisis’.

However, as time went by, the case was discussed away form the lights of publicity and media and now it’s all settled.

The money will be paid form the state budget, from the taxes collected from those who struggle with a monthly pension of 600 euro, for example.

BTW: these retired MPs normally receive also the normal retirement pensions and an additional ones like the supplementary pension or from their professional social security fund.

PS On the other hand, people who have worked for 40 years have the pleasure to enjoy a monthly pension of some 600-700 euro. And struggle to come through the month.

Would I be rude, if I write “Shoo!”?

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  1. ‘Shoo’ is sweet I have some other, much ‘nicer’ words I want to spit in the faces of this unspeakable scum.

  2. Greece has to find a way to get rid of its corrupt political class. We had hoped that Syriza might be the way — apparently not. Basically, all of these crooks (and don’t forget how many of them are lawyers, university teachers and doctors) need lifetime gaol sentences. If the stupid Germans had found a way to deliver that, then perhaps the Greek people would support the Troika. All they have done is tax the poorest and prop up the criminals of Greece.

    • Well Guest, as you know the German Troika people are the equivalent group to the corrupt Greek MPs, just lining their pockets at everyone else’s expense while stealing the country blind for their so called “elite”. Moreover, it is the Greek state and taxpayers who are lining Troika pockets because we PAY them to steal from us!

      By the way, I don’t see any Troikanauts out on Athens streets handing out food to migrants and greek homeless, do you?

      • IN my estimation, the German elite has stolen far more than the very worst of Pasok or ND politicians. I could say the same for the British criminals, currently running the UK. Europe is in a very serious mess of organised crime. As you note, these pieces of excrement are not prepared to part with one cent to assist refugees, the homeless and the poor. The Day of Judgement will come: let us try to make it very soon.