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Greek Parliament Speaker fires 7 employees hired on fake or forged education documents

Seven employees at the Greek Parliament have been dismissed after it was found out that they were hired with fake or forged school degrees. Among them is a “scientific adviser” to former Prime Minister Costa Simitis, two permanent employees and four members of the Special Guard of the parliament.

In rough detail:

  • the “scientific adviser” was hired in 2011
  • one of the permanent employees had submitted the high school degree of a friend of hers
  • two members of the Special Guard did not even had a high school diploma, while they needed one according to the hiring requirements of 2007.

The decision for their dismissal was published in the Official Gazette after decision of the Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis.

No, Greeks, the honest Greeks, are not shocked. They have been living with this rotten state since decades. It’s just that some express the view that these “dishonorable” seven should return their fake wages and bonuses and privileges to the state and abolish any pension right during their “service”-time in Parliament.” One very mean and bold Greek went so far to ask for the persecution of those who hired those people.

PS – no comment – what to comment here? Every Greek 0-99 years old knows that the Greek Parliament has always been a safe employment heaven for voters and nieces and nephews and uncles and aunts of lawmakers and government officials.

PS Even every Greek cat knows this.

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