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EU’s Dutch Presidency: You can’t go wrong with “Blame Greece for Schengen-at-risk”

This has been the strategy of the European Union for quite sometime. It has been a well-though plan of action designed to achieve a long-term covering up of EU’s failures and help EU politicians and technocrats sleep comfortable at night.
strategy applied in order to cover up failures and inabilities of the politicians and to help them sleep comfortable at night. The strategy is known to everyone/*: find the weak chain-member, raise it to Scapegoat and beat it the hell out of it.
and it be with the EU, Greece and the blatant collapse of “EU solidarity” to deal with the Refugee Crisis.
That’s nothing new. But now it is for one more time confirmed.
According to an exclusive story by Associated Press, EU’s rotating president the Netherlands has prepared a document – currently “classified” – that
“the EU nations acknowledged that the overall functioning of Schengen “is at serious risk” and that ” Greece must make further efforts to deal with the migrant crisis at its source.”
“With asylum-seekers still coming at a pace ten times that of January 2015, several European countries are reluctant to dismantle their emergency border controls […], and if they keep them in place without authorization, EU officials fear the entire concept of the open-travel zone could be brought down.”

EU’s justice and home affairs ministers last month showed they decided that declaring Greece to have failed in its upgrade was “the only way” for Europe to extend the time for border checks. “The official said they agreed to invoke the two-year rule under Article 26 of the open-travel agreement,” AP notes.

This would mean that Greece would be temporarily expelled fromthe Schengen area.

In Friday’s [yesterday] statement too, the EU told Greece “that given the scale of the situation, further efforts are needed.”The EU wants Athens to improve screening and disembarkation procedures for those arriving by boat, and to increase its capacity to document and house asylum-seekers and build detention facilities for those facing deportation.

With a sense of compromise, Friday’s EU statement acknowledged the vast challenge facing Greece, saying “the very large number of arrivals is such that the external border controls of any member state would be placed under severe pressure.”

How was this old Three Musketeers slogan? “One for all, all for one” ? Well… the EU decided, when it comes to Refugee Crisis, Greece had to be there for All, while the All collectively pretend to find solutions on ohwo Greece will solve this pan-European problem….

“But it stressed, first and foremost, that the concept of Schengen needed to be preserved. “The difficulties faced by Greece have an impact on the EU as a whole, and have to be resolved collectively.”

Full AP article here

In addition to all this, according to a latest DER SPIEGEL Report, “Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic want to shut down the Balkans route.”

So “the EU wants Athens to improve screening?” …. then the EU has to send to Greece the fingerprinting devices as soon a possible. According to a relevant EU Commission report issued last week, the EU has still to deliver 90 screening devices to Greece.
PS ops! I’ve said all this before. Apologies…

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