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EUCO pres. Tusk: Closure of Balkan Route was a common EU28 decision

The closure of the Balkan Route was a decision jointly taken by the 28 member states of  the European Union. This is what European Council President Donald tusk wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, adding that the closure of borders was not a “unilateral action” by the West Balkan countries FYROM, Serbia, Slovenia etc.



I should have to recheck the EU-Turkey Summit statement.

FYROM has closed its border since Sunday.

PS they all play their games – therefore no comment here…

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  1. Donald Tusk… a nasty little neofascist who like that other puppet Jeroen (the Diesel Bomb) Dijsselbloem has Wolfgang Schäuble’s arm so far up his a** I’m surprised he can still drink water. Lying comes as easy as breathing to him. I would handle whatever he says with a ten foot long pole.

  2. This lying little turd needs to be put out to grass. There was no conclusion to Monday’s meeting, no formal statement, and no policy. Just lies and propaganda from these deceitful little morons. Europe doesn’t stand a chance with third rate criminals running it.

  3. “EU’s comprehensive strategy ”