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Polls: 58% of Greeks blame “geopolitical developments” for the Refugee Crisis

Greek public opinion support Government’s handling of the Refugee Crisis. In a public opinion poll conducted by Palmos Analysis for daily Efimerida ton Syntakton,  blames the international geopolitical developments for the Refugee Crisis and the increased refugee flows.

58% international geopolitical developments responsible

19% sees the Greek government as responsible

61% agrees with the option that the Greek government vetoes EU decision of not sanctions against EU-member states not comply with Refugee relocation quotas.

In other news and other crucial issues of internal politics

pensions reform

59% of Greeks see as positive development the clause for pensions.

59% wants to maintain the public nature of social security

31% want the development of a “third pillar” (private insurance)

61% consider the government’s proposal “freelancers to pay social security contributions according to income criteria and not years of insurance” as right.

71% of respondents believe the government should protect pensions in every possible way.

Only 17% think that the government should implement a zero deficit clause.

licensing for television channels:

79%  believe that the operating status of private TV channels has not be transparent for the last 25 years.

 73% considers as “negative” the contribution of TV channels on the objective information to the public

64% believe that the government’s priority in the setting/lincensing  of the TV landscape should be to combat the phenomena of corruption.

29% considers as gov’t’s priority not to close any of the existing TV channels.

67% welcomes the Government’s initiative to distribute TV licenses through an international tender.

84% wants tighter control on distribution of advertisement given by public institutions

The poll was conducted among 1,041 people nationwide in the time1-5 March 2026.

PS if you ask me I cannot tell you exactly what is the ‘zero or not zero clause in the pensions reform. But you didn’t ask me…it’s a matter of how one poses the questions.

Taking into consideration the political reflexes of Greeks, it’s certain that  they blame ‘the  geopolitics’. At the same time it means that only 19% fall for the New Democracy and some media outlets 24/7- propaganda that SYRIZA is to blame for the Refugee Crisis in the country.

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