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Greece reaches EU cap: 50,411 refugees, new arrivals with fast-track asylum

Ships come and go and bring refugees and migrants from the islands in “accommodation centers ” in the mainland. At the same time, boats keep coming from the Turkish coast and bring new refugees and migrants to Greece. More than 1,700 people arrived in the last 24 hours.  In a huge relocation operation, the thousands trapped on Greke islands, those who are excluded form the EU-Turkey deal were on the island are being transferred to camps across the country to await for their fate. Yet, still 5,500 are still on Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Rhodes. They will have to move too in order to make place for the new arrivals.

In Idomeni camp are still 13,250 people who show little eagerness to move to accommodation centers, still hoping that the borders to FYROM may open after all. Greek Trainose will reportedly make available 20 trainwagons with a total capacity of 240 beds, where refugees in Idomeni can be accommodated.

As of Monday morning, the official total number of refugees and migrants registered in Greece is 50,411 people. This is already 411 more than the European Union prescribed that Greece has to host.

Greece is supposed to create 30,000 hosting places, while the UNHCR is supposed to create another 20,000. Now what? Will we see our EU-partnes to start relocating refugees already in Greece and so that the wish-number of 6,000 relocation per month is achieved?

With the EU-Turkey deal in effect since yesterday, the new arrivals are supposed to land in “detention centers” – former host posts – on the islands. An army of 2,300 EU staff -that has not arrived yet – is supposed to examine asylum applications in fast track, this is in one or two weeks, so that whoever is rejected will be return to Turkey.

For this purpose 6 Turkish policemen arrived on the island of Chios on Monday morning and another 10 on Lesvos to monitor the returns. Greek policemen are supposed to be assigned on the Turkish coast cities, but no news so far that they have indeed reached Turkey.

As expected, the EU-Turkey deal has not managed to stem the refugees flow, neither the presence of the NATO ships in the area. Of course, they did not. Turkey has not received the first 3 billion euro yet… So refugees and migrants will keep coming.

PS I suppose, Turkish policemen will monitor that no “irregular migrants” or refugee born in any Kurdish city in Turkey, Syria, Ira and Iran will be returned to Turkey.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    There are some German politicians of the Green party – one is touring Greece right now – demanding that Germany should take these refugees because Germany’s reception-centres are half empty. It’s a good idea and should get support by the lenders if they don’t like to held their next meeting in Idomeni.