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Pope Francis gives shelter to 3 Syrian families

Three Syrian refugee families, a total 12 people, among them six children, were the lucky ones to be “adopted” so to say by the Holy See and accompany Pope Francis to back to Rome. The three refugee families had practically zero chance to be relocated to any EU country, as they had been on the island of Lesvos before the EU Turkey Deal that went into effect on March 2016.

pope francis refugees families

According to a statement issued by the Director of the Holy See Press Office on Saturday

“The Pope has desired to make a gesture of welcome regarding refugees, accompanying on his plane to Rome three families of refugees from Syria, 12 people in all, including six children. These are all people who were already in camps in Lesbos before the agreement between the European Union and Turkey.

The Pope’s initiative was brought to fruition through negotiations carried out by the Secretariat of State with the competent Greek and Italian authorities.

All the members of the three families are Muslims. Two families come from Damascus, and one from Deir Azzor (in the area occupied by Daesh). Their homes had been bombed.

The Vatican will take responsibility for bringing in and maintaining the three families. The initial hospitality will be taken care of by the Community of Sant’Egidio.”

It is not clear, according to what criteria the three families were chosen among others and whether they will receive asylum.

But what is clear, is the powerful message of this gesture to all EU leaders who refuse to comply with the decisions they have agreed upon, that is the “relocation scheme” for those in need of protections according to international law.


Asked about the criteria of choosing these three families, Pope Francis told reportes:

I did not choose between Muslims and Christians. These three families had their papers ready. On the first list, there were two Christian families, but their papers were not complete. Therefore it is not some kind of a privilege. These twelve are all children of God, I favored the children of God! “

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  1. Antipope dumped them into Italy. Hypocrisy at its best. Communism for others, not for me. Vatican has lot of empty housing, room for hundreds of young strong men who will burn, beat, loot, rape and turn Vatican into hellhole. Why not enrich Vatican with diversity? Why not take 500 men, suffering racism and bigotry and ready for action. And when will be Vatican food halal and when there will be first mosque….:D

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      What do you care? As your country doesn’t take any in no need to have any “opinion” about it.
      The pope already allowed Muslim and Jewish prayers in the Vatican two years ago, it’s what your nazibrothers called “Imangate” but maybe they were Aryans who love Slavic slaves so much, so enjoy their love.

  2. “But what is clear is the powerful message of this gesture to the EU to take in refugees”
    But I do not think that this “GESTURE” had anything to do with the EU & sending a strong message to the EU.
    This is to do with the image of the Roman Catholic Church & this Pope trying to repair for past indiscreyions
    SELF is always the first motive.