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Miltos Tentoglou wins Gold in European Championships

Miltiadis “Miltos” Tentoglou, the Greek long jumper, “flew” 8.65 meters and broke his own personal record of 8.52 m. He won the Gold Metal at the European Championships in Rome, Italy, on Saturday evening. Ο Μίλτος #Τεντόγλου πετάγεται Παλαιό Φάληρο-Γλυφάδα το ΣΚ για καφέ με ένα άλμαΕ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΘΕΟΣ …

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Pope Francis sends aide to Lesvos to bring 33 refugees to Rome

The Vatican says Pope Francis has dispatched a close aide to the Greek island of Lesvos to bring back 33 asylum-seekers to Rome. During his visit to Moria in 2016, the Pope had taken three Syrian families, a total of 12 people with six children among them, to the Holy …

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Pope Francis gives shelter to 3 Syrian families

Three Syrian refugee families, a total 12 people, among them six children, were the lucky ones to be “adopted” so to say by the Holy See and accompany Pope Francis to back to Rome. The three refugee families had practically zero chance to be relocated to any EU country, as …

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US-Treasury Ass. Secretary Collyns Met Greek Finance Minister Stournaras in Athens

 US-Treasury’s Assistant Secretary for International Finance Charles Collyns had a meeting with Greek Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras in Athens on Wednesday morning. According to Greek media, Charles Collyns expressed the support of US-Finance Secretary Tomothy Geithner to Greece and his confidence to Greek efforts. Furthermore Collyns expressed the concerns of …

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The Never Ending Plight of Greek Debt Drives CDS & Spreads High

ECB President Jean Claude Trichet made on Thursday a clear point on Greek Debt and the additional bailout. “ECB’s position does not change. Participation of private sector is voluntary. We don’t want a ‘selective default”. Trichet was speaking during a press conference and gave this answer when he was asked …

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