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EU Council Tusk, FinMin Schaeuble turn down Tsipras’ call for a EU Summit – Problems will be solved in Eurogroup

Two phone calls by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to European Council President Donald Tusk did not bring the desired result. After the cancellation of the Eurogroup meeting, PM Tsipras called Tusk twice: on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Tsipras wanted to call a EU Summit on the table in order to achieve a political solution to the problem. In vain. Donald Tusk considered a Summit not necessary but urged for an extraordinary Eurogroup meeting.

We have to avoid situation of renewed uncertainty for Greece. We need date for Eurogroup meeting in not distant future. In days, not weeks.

Tusk had apparently consulted also Eurogroup chief Jeroean Dijsselbloem and European Commission President Jean-Claude Junkcer.

What a coincidence! Also Germany shared Tusk’s approach and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told German newspaper Der Tagespsiegel that he sees no reason for an extraordinary EU Summit in order to settle the dispute between Greece and its creditors.  “The answer is No,” Schaeuble said adding that the existing problems can be solved within the Eurogroup.

Another coincidence is that the German media and close-to-Schaeuble Bild newspaper has been reporting since the morning that “chances were slim for a EU Summit” for the Greek problem.

While Greece’s “friends” and partners Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Francois Hollande are enjoying a midday nap, Greek media report that an extraordinary Eurogroup meeting could take place next week or the week after and that we will know more about it tomorrow Thursday.

PS I only hope, no Eurogroup meeting on next Saturday/Sunday as Greeks will be enjoying the last Red Eggs and Easter Lamb before the total financial collapse.

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  1. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Will we see again an antisocial terrorist attack by some godsucking idiots who don’t recognize that they have LSD in their drinking water? The timing would again fit perfectly.
    I remember the Austrian railway boss saying that Trainose he won’t take for free but the thing is that Greece will not accept Austrian buyers anyway and therefore they want to punish Greece, also for her healthcare reform, some Greek journalist could be tricky and ask Obama what he thinks of the reform, at least the 2nd reform that is really one and not some Orwellian language bullshit