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Riot Police protects Greek Parliament from protesting Policemen (video)

Nice scenery outside the Greek Parliament on Sunday: policemen, firefighters and members of the Greek Coast Guard, some wearing their uniforms and some in civilian clothes, take position along the side entrance of the Parliament in downtown Athens. They hold banners against the Pensions Reform and the new Taxation, two bills currently debated in the Plenary and to be voted at midnight.

As soon as the protesters in uniform take their position, riot police squads are deployed in order to secure that the protesting colleagues will not …raid the parliament?

“We are here so that they can see us, that we exist and are not numbers. We fight for all. This Pension Reform will not be implemented, they may vote for it but it will not pass in reality,” POASY chairman Griogoris Gerakarakos said.

It is not the first time that members of security forces protest austerity bills. During the big anti-ausetiry protests in 2012 even members of the Armed Forces went down to Syntagma to express their anger.

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  1. It’s looking good, when all the people are on the same page, things are looking good.
    Well done – power to the people.

  2. So what would happen if the riot police goes on strike the same moment the rest of the police goes on strike? Who would then protect the parliament from the people (while it is the people that should be protected from the parliament)?