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EU’s seeks Plan B for refugees: isolate Greek islands, suspend ferry traffic

The European Union allegedly prepares a Plan B to stem refugees and migrants flow in case that Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan steps back for the EU Turkey deal and starts sending boats to Europe again. What is this Plan B? To isolate the Greek islands from the mainland and turn them into Hot Spots for refugees and migrants.

Citing an unnamed “Minister from an EU country”, German populist Bild newspaper claims that some EU member-states governments have already discussed alternative for the case the EU Turkey deal fails and here is the groundbreaking alternative:

Turn the Greek islands into central reception centers for refugees, where the refugees will be registered and stay.

Suspend ferry traffic to the mainland.

Deport failed asylum-seekers to their countries directly from the Greek islands.

The aid payments to Turkey (€6bn deal, €100million paid) should be suspended and go to Greece instead.

Just when I was thinking that this “Alternative solution” comes for sure from the German conservatives from Merkel’s party CDU or coalition partner & sister party CSU, because they love to use populist Bild to expose their bubble ideas the moment they burp after breakfast, I saw that the German daily quotes also a CDU Minister with name.

“Even Karl-Georg Wellmann (63) in charge of CDU Foreign Policy warns: “We have to take preventive measures in any case: protect  EU’s external borders, handling of asylum submission locally on the islands – not on the mainland – deportation of illegal , rejection of illegal refugees.”

I wouldn’t know there were “legal and illegal refugees” but a Foreign Policy expert apparently knows better. He could also know that under the EU Turkey Deal, asylum requests are been handled in the hot spots of the Greek islands, but Berlin is far away from Lesvos, Chios and the other islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea.

Apparently Wellman and the Bild agree that “the Greeks” are late in handling registration procedures and asylum requests, and the daily notes:

“Currently, it is very quiet there [Greek islands]: Within 24 hours Greek authorities register only 15 new refugees.”

No word about the reluctance of EU member-states to send asylum staff – as foreseen in the EU Turkey Deal – no reference to the dramatic decrease of the new arrivals. Just 75 people on Monday, on some days <none>.

But that’s populism and the usual German conservative crap. – excuse my language.

BTW: I wouldn’t be surprise to see some ex communist countries – now EU members – support this idiocy…

PS I suppose, if ferry traffic is suspended, Greeks and tourists wanting to go to or leave the islands should have to use an airplane and a  passport with visa. :p

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  2. No doubt the Germans have in their memories the organisational scheme that they used in the previous occupation of Greece, in WW II. Perhaps they can also round up “undesirables” (e.g. so-called “illegal refugees”) and send them to concentration camps — e.g. in Poland.

  3. The Germans have never been able to shed their long-held need to set up German protectorates around the world whether it’s the Schutzgebiets of the colonial period, or the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia of the Nazi era. Now, they feel they should set up another one in Greece with the complicity of the other lemmings of Northern Europe.

  4. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    In France you already need a passport, the port-authorities decided Greece is not Schengen anymore.
    But you can visit the idiot, he’s doing “information-tours” and unfortunately he was voted in an area of his town with the highest percentage of German-Greek voters.

  5. costa sakellariou

    if the greek people cannot get it together and exit the currency and go it alone, they will pay a steep price.

    the writing is more than on the wall!

  6. Well, then Greece can then always consider giving that island to Turkey…Of course that is not likely going to happen. There was some idea some time ago by an Egyptian businessman to buy a Greek island and build whole cities there for refugees/migrants. What happened to that plan?

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      You say give islands to Turkey but you mean give it to refugees or as concentration camps, right? This Egyptian was out for any island not necessary Greek, not sure if to buy or rent but lots of islands can’t be sold due to constitution and security reasons, any way there are enough Greek islands to find online but some of them could get problematic as they don’t have drinking water and populations of islands close to them will rebel as there are already too many water-ships for tourists that need 3 showers a day.

      • No, I meant it like I said it and of course that will not happen for the reasons you said. It was meant sarcastically. That I would mean to say “give it to refugees or as concentration camps” are your words, not mine. That is because of your preposition to view anything other than your views as nazi. And tourists can not be blamed for their personal hygiene standards. The solution that of course would be to ban tourist from showering but I don’t think then that the tourism industry in Greece would last much longer. Perhaps you prefer that but I don’t think the Greek authorities, Greek tourism board or Greek tourism proprietors would like to see a vital source of income disappear.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          As islands belong to the islanders it’s their decision, to ship water is already madness like shipping tomatoes, just like building hotels and steal the islanders’ water, so lazy slobs can have a pool instead of walk down to the sea. If there are no free showers at public beaches be sure that there is still hope to have a better solution than total destruction through tourism and make out of Greece Disneyland for idiots at happy hour.