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Neo-Ottoman Erdogan has Muezzin to call for prayer directly from Hagia Sophia

For the first time after 85 years, the muezzin called Muslims in Istanbul to prayer from inside the Hagia Sofia. On Saturday morning, the call for the morning prayer was performed from inside the symbol for Christian Orthodoxy.

The unprecedented move occurs after four weeks of Koran recitations in Hagia Sophia, recitations that were broadcasting live through state Turkish broadcaster TRT, since the beginning of Ramadan.

And now this: the Muezzin called on Saturday morning directly from within the Hagia Sofia, shocking Greeks Orthodox around the world and angering the Greek Foreign Ministry.

Although in the last four years the call of prayer sounded from minarets of Hagia Sofia, at not point the muezzin made the call from inside the church dedicated to the Holy Wisdom. but from a small prayer room in the yard.

Traditionally, the muezzin calls Muslims to mandatory worship from the minaret of a mosque five times a day.

Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized the move saying among others that is  “another step to undermine the character of Hagia Sofia which is a museum and a monument of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage” and a step “clearly not consistent with the principles that should govern a modern, secular state.”

The spokesman called for an international action to preserve and protect the character and identity of a monument that belongs to universal culture. Turkey has to adapt to the requirements of European culture and to stop supporting anachronistic and incomprehensible activities.” 

With the famous Blue Mosque less than 100 steps away from Hagia Sophia, worshipers in Turkey do not really need to hear the call to prayer from a historical Christian Orthodox monument turned that turned into an Imperial Mosque 1453-1931 and finally into a museum.

The only purpose of the move is to please Turkey’s narrow-minded, neo-ottoman leader who wants to provoke for whatever purpose he has in mind.

Koran recitations in Hagia Sophia

Is now Hagia Sophia semi-officially a mosque?


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