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Survey: Europeans fear Wave of Refugees will mean More Terrorism, Fewer Jobs

Sharp ideological divides across EU on views about minorities, diversity and national identity. The recent surge of refugees into Europe has featured prominently in the anti-immigrant rhetoric of right-wing parties across the Continent and in the heated debate over the UK’s decision to exit the European Union. At the same time, attacks in Paris and Brussels have fueled public fears about terrorism. As a new Pew Research Center survey illustrates, the refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism are very much related to one another in the minds of many Europeans.

In eight of the 10 European nations surveyed, half or more believe incoming refugees increase the likelihood of terrorism in their country.


But terrorism is not the only concern people have about refugees. Many are also worried that they will be an economic burden.


Half or more in five nations say refugees will take away jobs and social benefits. Hungarians, Poles, Greeks, Italians and French identify this as their greatest concern. Sweden and Germany are the only countries where at least half say refugees make their nation stronger because of their work and talents.

Fears linking refugees and crime are much less pervasive, although nearly half in Italy and Sweden say refugees are more to blame for crime than other groups.


For some Europeans, negative attitudes toward Muslims are tied to a belief that Muslims do not wish to participate in the broader society. In every country polled, the dominant view is that Muslims want to be distinct from the rest of society rather than adopt the nation’s customs and way of life. Six-in-ten or more hold this view in Greece, Hungary, Spain, Italy and Germany. Notably, the percentage saying that Muslims want to remain distinct has actually declined since 2005 in four out of five countries where trend data are available.

full survey PEW Research Center

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  1. The Pew surveys are very low quality, and right wing. They fail to ask appropriate questions, which might reveal the differing characteristics of their sample. Taking a national sample is neither easy nor actually so helpful as you might think: what really matters with the last few years of research is that the people opposed to immigration and/or Islam actually have had no contact with it, and are unaffected by it. It’s an ideological position, created by Far Right political parties and propaganda groups, and fostered by crappy research and uncritical news reporting.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Never any survey will ask the people if they’re distinct from society, given that in big cities close to half of the population isn’t hardly going outside anymore kuz they are dry alcoholic lots of question people will be outside of their bullshit society much more; or just ask the local hardcore-punk scene.
      Also no survey at all asks migrants if they believe in god, the only reason why they all put this shit on the table is that they are religious god-sucking bumfucks themselves that hope to get their own religious majority out of marginalization in 80% atheist societies.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    In tens years all these “jobs” will be made by robots and computers, only trained swine are necessary then to click with their nose “yes” or “no” on a touch-screen but hey, this is exactly what all these stupid “progressive” pigs wanted, one runs into these jaywalking walking deads everyday and can push peds with smart-phones into the traffic, off the side-walk, away from the humans.
    Remains the question why they don’t close most schools and universities, capitalism needs that shit no more.

    • Have you ever noticed that the only jobs with no computerised replacements, mechanisation, salary reduction or general decline in working conditions are… politicians? Strange, considering what low skilled people occupy these jobs.

  3. terrrorism –
    Like the neo-Nazi’s have done through out Europe all these years.