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Pserimos: Greeks on alert after inhabitants claim of “Turks” and “gunshots”

Greek authorities have been on alert after residents of the island of Pserimos claimed that they had seen “Turks” on the island and some even claimed to have heard gun shots.

Although the claims have not been confirmed, the Greek Coast Guard has been “screening” the sea area around the island since the morning, while a helicopter is patrolling over the island.

Some residents claimed to have seen an unknown number of Turks who were taking pictures. Some claimed that they even heard shots from fire guns.


The claims have been made on Tuesday night.

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The 130-inhabitant Pserimos is a small Greek island in the Dodecanese chain, lying between Kalymnos and Kos in front of the coast of Turkey. It is near the Turkish town of Marmaris, from where several members of the Turkish Special Teams assigned to assassinate President Erdogan have been missing since the coup night on July 15th.

Yesterday, Turkish police arrested 7 of these missing special teams soldiers. They were reportedly hiding in the area.

More exclusive pictures from the Greek operation around Pserimos in

PS How can one recognize a “Turk” shooting pictures in the darkness?  Either through the uniform or through a politely said “Iyi aksamlar” (Good evening! in Turkish) ….


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  1. I think you mean ‘It is near the town of Bodrum’. Pserimos is over 100km from Marmaris.