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UPD Athens International Airport on hijack alert after warning phone call

Athens International Airport Elefterios Venizelos in Athens was set on high alert Friday afternoon, after an unknown caller claimed that there would be a hijack on one of the airplanes arriving from London today. The call was made at one of the commercial stores of the airport, around 3 o …

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Cyprus on high alert after two school boys go missing. Have you seen them?

Police in Cyprus went on high alert on Tuesday morning after two boys went missing from an elementary school in Larnaca. There are fear that the boys have fallen victim of abduction. Massive police operation with roadblocks and helicopters underway. Two boys, both 11 years old, have gone missing from …

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Greece’s Navy & Coast Guard on alert to stop alleged coup-plotters fleeing Turkey

Greek Armed Forces, Navy and Coast Guard are on alert after receiving information by their Turkish colleagues that two inflatable boats with coup-plotters are heading to Greece. Target of the boats with Turkish commandos is allegedly the island of Symi and/or Rhodes in South-Eastern Aegean Sea, close to the Turkish …

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Agrinio: Flat on Fire – Barking Little Dog Alerts Residents

The persistent barking of a dog literally ‘saved’ a building in Agrinio when fire broke out in one of the apartments. According to local media agriniopress, the fire broke out in the kitchen on an apartment, most probably due to the kitchen stove. However the building was on a side road …

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Greece On Alert due to the General Strike, Feb 23

Greece’s security  is on alert and authorities try to prevent the break out of riots and violent incidents during the general strike of February 23, 2011. Greek media and internet sites report that “the authorities have set priorities so that there will be no dead, no properties damages and no occupations …

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