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“No suspect found on Emirates plane,” says Greece’s Police

No “suspicious” passenger was found on the Emirates plane that was forced to return to Athens International Airport accompanied by F-16 fighter jets following a security alert on a “suspicious terrorist passenger” by a US intelligence agency.

Short after Thursday midnight and two hours after Flight EK209 landed in Athens, Greek Police issued a statement saying the New York-bound plane was ordered to fly back to Athens as part of an information inquiry.

“Following thorough checks on the passengers and the plane, [police] did not find the person the information was about or anything else suspicious,” the statement said.

Emirates EK209 landing in Athens at 10 p.m.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the “suspicious passenger” was traveling with fake documents.

The plane was flying over Malta when it was ordered to divert back to Athens.

Speaking to state-broadcaster ERT on Friday morning, passenger Giannis Spyridakis said that they were in the air for two hours when the pilot informed them that the plane had to return to Athens for security reasons.


“When we asked the crew, they told us that France would not allow the plane to fly through its air space,” the man said. He added they found out what was going on when the plane landed in Athens and they got access to internet and social media.


He added that while back Eleftherios Venizelos, only passengers who went on board in Athens were ordered to disembark, while those from Dubai remained seated. The plane was on route Dubai-Athens-New York.

Ultimately all passengers had to leave the plane as the flight was postponed.

The 228 passengers spent the night in a hotel in Kavouri, South-East Athens, and the plane will depart for New York early Friday evening, November 11.

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Late Thursday afternoon, another Emirates flight bound to Dubai was ordered to last minute cancellation of its take off from Eleftherios Venizelos airport. All passengers were thoroughly checked by police officers in civilian clothes in the presence of anti-terror units and members of the national intelligence service EYP. Nothing suspicious was found and the plane was later allowed to leave the Greek capital for Dubai.

Greek authorities were tipped off reportedly by CIA about a passenger on one of the two Emirates flights, a “suspicious terrorist of Arab origin.”

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