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Greece floods: Loyal Dog would not abandon drowned owner (video)

The bond between a human and his dog… Hardly had the heavy rainfall started to fall in the area of Sparti on Wednesday and a 77-year-old man left the secure shelter of his home to go untie his dog.

After the dog was untied and both were heading home, the rushing water swept the owner away.

The dog started to follow his owner but there was not much the four-legged guardian could do. The man was drowned.

The dog did not go away despite the rain and the rushing waters.

The dog did not move from the side of the man even when the rescue teams arrived.

dog sparti floods

It needed the aid of a neighbor who knew the dog and the dog trusted him to remove the guardian and to recover the body of the man.


It was not clear how many hours the dog stayed next to his owner, however it is more than obvious that the dog was hungry when the rescue teams arrived at the spot.

“He wouldn’t go away! He wouldn’t!” a woman from the area told state ERT TV. The neighbor lured the dog with food and so the men were able to reach the owner.

Loyalty till the end….

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