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Financial Big Brother to publish all private assets of certain professional groups

Are you a curious citizen who loves to sniff in other people’s lives? Are you a thief or do you plan career change into burglary? The Greek government is dedicated to fulfill the desires of thieves and bored citizens. How? It will provide online access, free for all, to the assets registered by certain groups of the society.

The private economic data (deposits, cash, properties, jewelry, stocks, arts objects) of politicians, members of local governments and municipalities, high-ranking Justice officials and owners of mass media companies will be open for everyone to see in the electronic property register system scheduled to go into effect as soon as possible.

The lists will be online with the name of the owner. Only the address of the exposed owner will remain a secret… The private economic data of other society groups like members of Armed Forces and Police, civil servants, journalists etc will be published in statistical groups (what do they won, who refrained from registration etc).

The long planned government plan to have all taxpayers register everything they own is scheduled to start on 1. October 2106.

Taxpayers will have to fill up to 14 different classes of assets: every type of income in the previous year, stocks, bonds, deposits, content of bank safes, cash “under the mattress”, properties, jewelry, gold bars, art objects, cars, sailing and flying means, participation in any kind of enterprises, everything they own in and outside Greece.

Furthermore, they will have to register the value of the asset, the selling and acquiring value, the way of purchase, the source of used money.

However, the government or better say “the finance ministry” seems to stick to its original plan that only cash over 15,000 euro and jewelry with value of more than 30,000 euro should be registered.

The owner will have also to register the names of beneficiaries like spouses and children.

Changes should be registered in annual basis.

The time period to register all the assets is 1. October to 31. December 2016.

If someone register his assets 30 days after the deadline or the declaration is false or no complete, he may face imprisonment and fine up to €100,000 euro.

If the false/not complete declaration aims to hide assets imprisonment can be up to 2 years and the fine up to €500,000.

For hiding assets worth of more than €300,000, the fine can be up to €1,000,000.

From this plan we learn several valuable lessons:

  1. Financial Big Brother That we enter a joint entrepreneurship with the state, where the Financial Big Brother knows everything we own and how we came to the ownership
  2. Privacy Rights That the privacy rights of the citizens of this country are being abolished
  3. Occupational Therapy Every financially troubled Greek will have opportunities to chat with their friends the private assets of X politician or Y judge or Z media owner thus gossiping and swearing at him or her possibly also blame him for the country’s economic situation while he is not able to make ends meet.
  4. Opportunities for Thieves: what if the address of the taxpayers mentioned above will not be published. You think that thieves can not find it out? Or will these people have to move form their homes and go hide into some dark basement?

 I wonder what the Privacy Protection Authority has to say on the matter. Or we don’t have one?

PS My own private example:

Purchase 10/10/2015

1 Moped  – used – obtained from my nephew Price €40.-

source of money: hm… where did I find the 40 euro?

Nephew will have to register the 40 euro as new asset, I suppose :p

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  1. Don’t forget to register your kidneys and other vital organs. They are worth money on the illegal organ market. And if they are not worth much then you need to explain how come they are in such a bad state. Been smoking or drinking too much? Been eating unhealthy? Tell us, where did you find the money for all that booze and smokes?
    As far as I know, even under Stalin they did not have a system like this. Crazy.

    • I would laugh if the situation was not so Stalinist-tragic

      • I can’t believe what is happening in Greece. I understand the need to fight tax evasion and corruption but this very intrusive in people’s lives. It is like big brother looking over your shoulder in every aspect of your life. If there is something that the 20th century should have taught us is that you can’t trust the State, whether is is left or right.

        In my country, the Netherlands, the government just agreed that medical insurance companies can look into people’s medical files (a patient-doctor privilege violation) so they can ‘detect fraud’ while fraud committed by patients in medical healthcare is only 0.02 percent. It is the government handing over the interest of people to big corporations and with TTIP that will only get worse.

        • it is a general plan to scrap privacy of any kind. a bit in GR, a little in NL etc etc

          • And they will tell you it is for your own good and the common good. After all, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, is what they will tell you. Protesting will make you suspicious…

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Wolves have no right to cry as their surveillanced communication-items is product of genocide – only complete destruction will save as today’s Nazi-gold is too smart

  2. Stalinist?

    • Actually Schauble told the Greeks to go back to the party days by leaving the Euro and doing what they want under the Drachma.
      He promised to send them food and oil.
      That’s what the Greeks should have done.

      • he promised to send Nurnberger Bratwurste and Kartoffel-oil from lidlee that’s why Greeks rejected the offer

      • Rubbish. Schaueble had only ill will in these words. Leaving the euro is not the same as never having entered it. Countless economists, including Varoufakis, have explained this at length. The consequences of leaving the euro would be immediate social and economic catastrophe, plunging Greece into a political and economic crisis it has not seen since the Nazi occupation and the civil war that followed. Pure malevolence from the creature in a wheelchair.

      • nonsense from a demented old man, they ran up the debt on Greece and then squashed the Greek citizens with the failed financial response and even poorer illegal migration response. who were the Germans and the EU banks lending to? they knew what they were doing as did Schaeuble. Greece will be cut loose in 2017/18 when they have cut their risk of being touched by the crisis to a minimum.why don’t they pay for border patrol, easy to hide in Germany and expect Greece to control your border.why does Germany not pay 3% of it’s GDP to NATO, even Greece as broke as it is pays it’s NATO dues, and copes with 60K+ illegals,while others in EU just sit and act scared.if you’re scared go get a dog.pussilaminous EU.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          It’s refugees, not the Nazi-term “illegal migrants” and the only reason they exist is capitalist barbarity that pseudo-democratically allows profits from weapons-production – just let the armies produce their own weapons and control the produced numbers is very easy but then greedy bastards have the problem to give their prostitutes a Porsche instead of a Ferrari.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Also Europe needs space for 500 million illegals – so called Ottomans occupying America – so be fast an learn one of the 500 American languages to make your asylum-application and finally get an Amaerican visit permission at the next reservation camp before the Apache nation homeland security will through you back into the ocean and force you to swim home

  3. What will this bunch of useless Fascists come up with next ?

  4. why ?
    what do they hope to achieve ?
    who cares except maybe a burglar.
    I wonder who that would be burglar might be.