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CoachActivism Project offers pro-bono coaching sessions to volunteers working with refugees

Are you currently a volunteer working for the refugees in Athens or elsewhere in Greece? Would you be interested in receiving pro-bono support from professional coaches? Do you want to learn how to prevent burn-out, how to develop professional skills and process with work efficiency? The CoachActivism Project is a professional coaching community that has launched a pro-bono coaching initiative in response to the needs of front-line workers involved in the global refugee crisis.

Coach Activism has free places for a number of upcoming sessions scheduled to start on October 15st 2016.

The sessions can take place via personal presence or via Skype.

The sessions are offered in Greek and in English.

Deadline for registration is September 30th 2016.

If someone misses the deadline, a new round of coaching will start in January 2017.

In a press statement sent to KTG, CoachActivism writes:

From July to December 2016 front-line refugee workers, settlement and re-settlement workers, translators, first-responders, volunteers and private sponsors, have the opportunity to work pro-bono with a professional, certified coach, within the framework of the CoachActivism Project.
The coaching support provided is aiming to increase your resilience and self-care and to support you in the organization, coordination and facilitation of your work.
CoachActivism Project is an initiative of professional coaches operating in Greece and in Vancouver Island, Canada, which aims to support the volunteers (either independents, or from NGOs) who are helping with the refugee crisis. It is a parallel action in Greece and Canada.

If you are interested, please, contact Ms Katerina Kanelidou for further information: e-mail [email protected] , mobile : 6977990860

Why this project? 

A: In early 2016, in response to complex global refugee crisis, leaders in the coaching communities of Athens, Greece and Vancouver Island, Canada began exploring ways to apply coaching support at local levels. In Greece the work is being led by Katerina Kanelidou (PCC) and Lina Ioannou, and on Vancouver Island this work is led by Lily Seto (PCC), past-president of the Vancouver Island charter chapter of the International Coach Federation and Claire Rettie (ACC).

How did coaches on Vancouver Island and Greece come together to do this work? 

A: It started with the shared belief that coaching should play an active role in the challenges that the world is facing. The refugee crisis is one of these challenges. Not wanting to be passive viewers of this humanitarian crisis, coaching leaders from Vancouver Island and Greece decided to join forces to what became a common vision: a project/ action that will provide those involved with the refugee crisis with a high level coaching support and become a model for coaching in humanitarian crisis globally.

How long will this project last – then what? 

The CoachActivism project is in a pilot phase that will run from July 1 2016 to December 2016 in Greece and on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Following a review of the pilot phase, the project may expand its reach in order to serve the most pressing needs in sensitive and culturally appropriate ways.

Who is the coaching for? 

Front- line refugee workers, settlement and re-settlement workers, translators, independent volunteers and private sponsors will have the opportunity to work with a professional, certified coach on a one-to-one basis.

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