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Jobless father of three fined with €5,000 for selling donuts without license

Unemployed since 2011. No income. Father of three children. What does he do? He starts to sell bagels and donuts on the streets and at the beaches in order to secure a meal for his children. What happens? Police spots him selling the staff for 0.50 cent to one euro, controls his papers and finds out that the man who would be the next Greek millionaire  has no license for his suspected high-profit profession. the man is fined with 5,000 euro for his illegal activity.

The man appeals the fine arguing that he is selling the bagels and donuts in order to provide his family with a minimum of subsistence as he is is unemployed since 2011 and his wife lost her job a year later. The man argues further that the family have no other sources of income and that there are 3 children that need to be fed.

He stresses that the fine of 5,000 euro is exhausting and disproportional to his activity and that he has no means to pay it.

The regional administration in Chania, Crete, is not even slightly touched by the story. The appeal is rejected, the fine confirmed.

The man was caught on August 3rd 2016 selling donuts at the beach of Agia Marina near Chania.

PS In a country without safety net and welfare for the vulnerable people of the society, a fine of 5000 to a starving family can boost the authorities image towards the lenders and show that the state is relentless when it comes to combat tax evasion.

We had several such incidents in the last year.

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  1. “Every (Troika) law must be obeyed to the letter, with disobedience carrying the highest penalty.” This actually was the Nazi and SS motto in the occupied areas during WW2, exemplified by the extermination strategy on the Jews of Thessaloniki.
    No surprise that the same tactics is followed by the Quisling government. Their masters ordered them to do so. In this way, the 4th Reich:
    (1) spreads despair throughout the country and enforces its message: “there is no escape”
    (2) proceeds with the extermination plan: the poor family with the 3 children may all die faster if helped by hanger.
    Alex, the relentless exterminator, in the name of justice! Any similarities to Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables are totally coincidental.

  2. I agree it’s unfortunate and sad, but no civilised country makes it legal to sell things ‘black’ without a licence or registration/ having a company. Of course, maybe Greece should make it easier and cheaper to open one but that’s another story!

  3. What the hell has happened to our beloved Greece, as a UK citizen who has visited many places and islands in Greece over the last 25 years I am so shocked by what has happened to your country. The people are wonderfully stoic, brave. I know if we in the UK faced such horrors then our country would implode.
    Reference this poor soul and especially as I was recently staying near Chania, it must be all but impossible to comprehend, with so many tourists wandering around, spending money, enjoying the weather, not a care in the world. This is dreadful, it must stop, people need to live with dignity, to punish this man like this is totally unacceptable, in fact its madness. Shame on the police and the courts…….why not deal with all those who ride around on motorbikes without helmets or use their mobile phone whilst driving, a few fines, the money generated could be then used to help people such as this poor man who is trying his best to care for his family. All those involved, should hang their heads in shame.