Thursday , March 30 2023
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Chalkida: Street vendor, 82, arrested for selling Worry Beads

A street vendor in Chalkida was arrested for selling worry beads without license. Men from the Coast Guard in Chalkida arrested the 82-year-old grandpa who was selling beads at the beach of the city in order to make a living.

In handcuffs the man was taken in zero time to prosecutor. The vendor was set free after a date for his trial has been set.

It is not the first time, authorities arrest vendors, preferably seniors who most probably have hardly means to defend themselves in times of economic crisis and poverty.

It is for sure a big blow to black economy and big scale tax evasion :p

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  1. Talk about low hanging fruit! I hope the prosecutor only gives him a lecture.

    What about the “big names” going back to the Simitis years that scapegoat Tzachadzopoulos is doing time for? What about “cash only” Laliotis for example?

    • Absolutely. The scum of politicians everywhere are targeting ordinary people and technical irregularities, and concealing the large scale corruption of their own. The corruption of politicians and the stinking rich has now reached epidemic proportions, but we really did not expect Tsipras to support it. This guy is a total hypocrite and turncoat.