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The NYT throws European far-right populists & left-wing movements in one bag

A punch under the belt: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hand in hand with nationalists like Marie Le Pen, Nigel Farrage, the German AfD. In an article about European Populist parties, the New York Times pushes here and pulls there trying to make the two ends to the political spectrum …meet.


In an article entitled “European Populism in the age of Donald Trump“, the NYT writes:

“A populist groundswell, newly bolstered by voters’ rejection of the Italian government’s referendum on Sunday, has been building across Europe since the global financial crisis, and it has found a voice in parties on both ends of the political spectrum.”


The election of Donald J. Trump in the United States has energized some insurgent European parties as they seek to overturn the established political order.

Throwing in the same bag far-right populists and left-wing movements like SYRIZA in Greece and PODEMOS in Spain, the US-newspaper shakes well, opens the bag and …miracle! miracle! the NYT comes to the conclusion that despite their ideological differences the far-rifht populists and the left-wing Europeans support Donald Trump in a way or another or in the view of being anti-establishment!

Syriza is against the establishment, globalization and austerity.
Syriza was formed as a coalition of left-leaning and radical-left political parties, unified in their opposition to austerity measures imposed on Greece by its eurozone lenders. Since first forming a government in 2015, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has fought to keep Greece in the European Union and in the monetary union.
Alexis Tsipras on Mr. Trump’s win
“Contrary to some of my colleagues in Europe, I did not rush to repeat some of the criticism that many of us have made during the election period about Donald Trump.”

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One comment

  1. costa sakellariou

    SYRIZA IS the establishment!

    they might be reluctant…they might deny it – but they are the ground troops for austerity – to their eternal shame.

    the NYT is always playing some kind of game…they also put beppe grillo is the same bag as il lega nort and other far right figures.